Different Pharmaceutical Careers and Their Responsibilities

Different Pharmaceutical Careers and Their Responsibilities
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    The medical field offers exciting and rewarding career options; however, many of these jobs are unknown and misunderstood.

    The benefits of pursuing employment in pharmaceuticals include excellent compensation and the ability to help save countless lives!


If you’re curious and considering entering this medical field, check out these different pharmaceutical careers and their responsibilities.

Research Manager

A research manager in pharmaceuticals is responsible for overseeing all factors of clinical trials. These trials test the effects of various new medications, machinery, and devices. A successful researcher must maintain trial guidelines to ensure testing is conducted in a safer manner.

The objective of any clinical trial is to have medications and medical devices meet government regulations and eventually become available to the general public.

A research manager is responsible for managing the trial team, including associates, specialists, and even subjects. They also must determine if a product is effective, accomplishes its designed task, and whether it is safe for consumption or use.

Annual salary: $100,000-$185,000

Sales Representative

Don’t let Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman sway you – sales remains a highly lucrative and enriching career choice for many Americans, especially if you have exceptional sales skills.

Concerning pharmaceuticals, a sales representative must travel to various healthcare facilities and promote new medications and devices to those companies.

A sales rep prepares sample products for doctors and medical specialists, persuading them to carry and push the new products. A sales rep also is responsible for maintaining solid relationships with their clients to ensure future transactions again and again.

Annual salary: $90,000-$135,000

Laboratory Technician

Working in pharmaceutical labs as a technician means hands-on experimentation with medications, devices, and subjects. Technicians work with managers to gather essential data from testing.

Daily responsibilities include analyzing body fluids, tissues, or any relevant samples. A technician must also operate medical equipment used for testing, which requires specialization and practice.

Anyone who works within a laboratory is responsible for working with outside parties when constructing the lab itself – fabrication businesses help technicians provide proper tools and materials conducive to creating a pharmaceutical clean room that optimizes the integrity of medical products.

Annual salary: *$30,000-$60,000

*Different lab technicians can make much more money annually, including expert technologists who make $44,000-$75,000 a year.


When a patient needs to pick up a prescription, they go to the pharmacy where a trained pharmacist distributes the drugs. This job option is often misunderstood, as a pharmacist does much more than simply filling prescription bottles.

For starters, they are educated in the medication to inform individuals how to properly take their drugs, including the correct dose, what medications it interacts with, and side effects.

A pharmacist also provides helpful dietary and exercise advice, information on various healthcare devices, and inoculations for customers. Some pharmacists even mix and form medications at the pharmacy.

Annual salary: $80,000-$160,000

The different pharmaceutical careers and their responsibilities are wildly fascinating and exceptionally rewarding. These jobs require many hours of practice and education, but their salaries are on the high end compared to national averages, and ultimately, they help save lives.

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