A Business Career Can Help Those With Disabilities Achieve Independence

A Business Career Can Help Those With Disabilities Achieve Independence
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    For adults with disabilities, finding the right career can be challenging.

    Although the ADA, or Americans With Disabilities Act, prevents employers from discriminating based on disability status, the reality is not always so neat.


Fortunately, there are opportunities out there for anyone with tenacity and drive. In many cases, a career in the business field could be a path to greater success and independence.

Read on to learn more about how the world of business can be an ideal fit for a broad range of people.

Why a Business Career May Be the Right Choice

Adults with learning disabilities all have different abilities and circumstances, so no advice will be applicable to everyone. However, working in the business field can offer opportunities for many people. These are a few of the advantages:

  • Roles for Different Skill Sets:

    From clerical work to strategic planning, as Indeed points out, there are many different roles within a business. Working in an office can present opportunities for lots of people.

  • Room for Advancement:

    As you hone your skills, you can advance up the ladder. Thanks to the diversity of skills needed in an office, there are also many ways to move up and build a career.

  • Potential Accommodations:

    The ADA requires that reasonable accommodations be made for those that need them, according to employment rights experts. From screen readers to procedural accommodations, these tend to be more plentiful in an office setting.

  • Self-Paced:

    In a lot of cases, office work and other business-oriented roles can be more self-paced than hands-on work. Therefore, someone with dyslexia or another learning disability can take the time he or she needs to work.

Opportunities in the Business Field

As mentioned above, there are many opportunities in the business field for adults with disabilities. Some of these jobs are heavily focused on procedural work such as being an office clerk, an administrative assistant or a telephone receptionist.

Other jobs may be very focused on analytical work while allowing the worker to take his or her time. Some examples are research analysts, archivists and actuaries. Of course, many adults with disabilities can take on almost any type of work with a few accommodations. These can include items such as screen readers, requesting written directions, asking people to be specific and even organizational tools.

How to Get Started Working Toward a New Career

If you think that a career in the business field may be right for you, it is time to start taking steps. This could be a way for you to achieve greater independence and success. The following tips can help you to get started:

  • Consider a Degree:

    Pursuing some additional education can help you to set yourself on the right path. For example, you could pursue a master’s degree in business administration, which can position you to be in-demand in the business world.

    Online programs provide an affordable and convenient alternative to on-campus learning.

  • Get Started Searching:

    Prepare your resume and begin your search for a job. It may take several applications before you get called in for an interview and several interviews before you get an offer. However, try not to get discouraged and keep pressing forward.

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  • Try Volunteering and Internships:

    One of the challenges of getting started on your career is lack of experience. It can feel like not having experience prevents you from getting it. It’s a Catch-22. Consider volunteering at a nonprofit or looking for an entry-level internship for students.

  • Consider Starting Your Own Business:

    You could also start your own business. Consulting can be a great way to forge a path. Consider advising business owners on an area that you know a lot about such as design, technology or marketing.

Learn More Today

Discover more about starting a business career today. It could be a great option for you to find your path to success if you have a disability.

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