The Most Vital Elements of School Design

The Most Vital Elements of School Design
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    School design is one of the hidden elements that affect a student’s ability to learn.

    Make your design memorable and functional by focusing on these factors.


Teachers and classroom materials aren’t the only factors that inspire students to be productive and inspired—the overarching design of the school is an essential part of what helps students learn.

Without good design, both students and teachers will have difficulties focusing on work, especially if they’re actively hindered by poor design.

Whether you’re designing a new school or refreshing the design of an existing school, learn about the most vital elements of school design before creating your final plan.

Student Comfort

It’s difficult to learn or work if you’re in a constant state of discomfort. Students in schools that don’t provide comfort often make their voices heard, especially in a changing world where prioritizing a healthy learning environment is key.

If your school still uses furniture from the era that assumed students were more productive without comfort, it’s time to update things. Begin with improving the desks and seats in each classroom.

Additionally, allow natural light inside the classrooms rather than harsh fluorescent. This will prevent headaches and migraines among photosensitive students and staff.

Flexibility in the Classroom

Modern classrooms have an intense focus on mobility, accommodations, and flexibility. As you’re deciding which furniture to use in your school, consider bringing in module furniture that works with any teaching style and any type of lesson.

Furniture and wheeled desks allow teachers to easily move them around instead of struggling to yank them over tile or carpet. Some desks can come together with others to form tables, and portable whiteboards allow students to work together on a dime.


Students love to see their work on display in hallways and study areas. You can take this creativity to another level when designing a school and make it one of the most vital elements of school design.

Keep the concept of displaying works in mind when you create the hallways, classroom exteriors, and study areas. It may become a fun project to incorporate a student’s artistic talent in an area of the school during a remodel—you could even hold a competition.

Creativity also includes the creation of spaces that inspire students. This could include anything from large windows in a hallway to beautiful décor in quiet study areas. If you opt for large, beautiful windows, be sure to give students something to look at outside, such as a flower garden or a statue.

Accommodations for Every Student

Each student in your school learns in their own unique way. Some study better alone, while others need a public space where they can review study guides with their friends. Design your school with all types of students in mind when creating its public areas.

It’s also important to accommodate students with disabilities—they shouldn’t have to struggle to reach a classroom because of their disability. If your school has current issues accommodating students with disabilities, ask them what they’d like to see in a redesign that’ll help make their lives easier.

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