Tips for Starting Your First Office Job

Tips for Starting Your First Office Job
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    Graduation season is here, and millions of college graduates find themselves entering the workforce for the first time.

    For this reason, many people in this situation might have questions about what to expect from their first real job.


Well, these tips for starting your first office job will help make the transition easier. If you follow this advice, you’ll be promoted before you know it.

Background Check & Drug Test

You’ll likely need to do a background check and drug test before you start your first office job. Make sure you have all your documents ready before your background check.

Your work’s Human Resources department will probably ask for your Social Security card and license. Also, there’s nothing to be scared about with your drug test.

Be sure to avoid an accidental dilution drug test, which can come about from drinking too much water before the test. Some medications may affect the test, as well. So, be ready for both of these steps before you start your first office job.

Start a Capsule Wardrobe

You should only wear your college attire while chilling at home on the weekends. For work, you should start a capsule wardrobe that’s full of all the basics.

Capsule wardrobes only contain a few essential items that you can build an outfit around. These wardrobes typically have mostly neutrals, so you can easily mix and match items. This color scheme is perfect for those working in an office so that you’ll never be seen in something inappropriate.

Reset Your Social Media

Another tip for starting your first office job is to reset your social media since it’s time to get professional when you enter the workforce. As a result, you should get rid of any pictures that may be compromising.

Also, think about changing your name on social media platforms, so you’re more challenging to find. Your personal life should be kept separate from your professional one.

Learn the Lingo

You may also have to change your dialect when starting an office job. Slang terms should only be used around friends, not bosses, where you should be using professional language.

If you’re unsure whether it’s appropriate to say something at work, you shouldn’t say it. Address people as Mr. or Mrs. unless told otherwise. Make sure you ask people their preferred pronouns as well, so you don’t accidentally disrespect anyone.

Starting your first office job is a major step into adulthood: you can start making your own money, so you can go out and do the things you want to do. Since it’s such a monumental time, try not to screw it up by not reading these tips.

This advice will help you continue to be successful in the corporate world if that’s the direction you decide to go. Remember, it’s all about being professional rather than too casual. Keep your head held high.

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