Jobs for People Who Love Driving

Jobs for People Who Love Driving
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    For some, being behind the wheel can feel like drudgery.

    For others, it feels like freedom.


The sight of the landscape whisking past the window, the power of having an engine under your control, and the ability to travel far are the best parts of their day. It makes you wish that the inside of a car was your office space.

Fortunately, that dream isn’t too far out of reach. Pursing one of these jobs for people who love driving is the way to make your automotive dreams come true.


This is normally the first stop when it comes to jobs for people who love being behind the wheel. When we talk about transportation jobs, we mean all the individuals who help people get from point A to point B.

There are a few options within this category.

  • Public Transportation

    This typically refers to bus drivers who work for transportation companies hired by cities and towns. Driving a forty-foot bus through crowded city streets takes a whole other level of skill.

    And if you love driving, you are often the sort of person to take on the challenge. Because there is an industry-wide bus shortage, there are plenty of job openings in this sector once you get your commercial driver’s license.

  • Rideshares

    Uber and Lyft are great alternatives for those who like the idea of transporting people but don’t like the issues associated with public transportation. If you have a license, a car, and a smartphone, you can drive for a rideshare without the upfront cost of getting a commercial license.

    But just because you don’t need a special license doesn’t mean you don’t have to develop skills to be a good rideshare driver. You can’t just be good with cars; you have to be good with people, too.  

Towing Company

Maybe transporting people isn’t your cup of tea. You can always try transporting cars instead. As long as there are people behind the wheel, there will be people who get into accidents or have car trouble. That

eans that there will always be a need for tow truck drivers. This is a job that can either be a side hustle or an entire career, especially if you decide to open your own towing business.

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Driving Instructor

It takes a good driver to operate a vehicle well. It takes an even better driver to be able to teach others how to operate a vehicle. Driving instructors must have a solid understanding of driving as well as the rules of the road and basic car maintenance.

In most cases, you’ll need to become certified, but you have the benefit of being able to choose between working as a private instructor. Or, if you have a Bachelor’s or Associate degree, you can work in a high school. 

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