Educational Home Activities for Kids

Educational Home Activities for Kids
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    With the coronavirus situation keeping families confined to the house, you might have trouble finding things to do with your children.


Television, online videos, and videogames are entertaining, but they may not be the most constructive use of your kids’ spare time. Spend quality time together as a family, and teach them valuable skills with these educational home activities for kids.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking can be beneficial in several ways. For one, learning to make food can help your kids become more independent and maintain a healthier diet as they grow older.

The act of choosing a recipe and performing the steps as a family is also fun. For example, depending on their ages, you could have your child knead dough, mix things in a bowl, carefully cut ingredients, or decorate the food.

Since many families have recipes that members pass down through the generations, cooking and baking may also be a means to create stronger family ties and teach your kids about their heritage.

Learning an Instrument

Playing an instrument is also an educational home activity that kids can do. You can purchase or rent an instrument, such as a piano or guitar (if you don’t already have them), and start showing your kids the basics of how to make music with them.

There are plenty of online articles and video lessons that you can use to do this. You can also purchase beginner music books and teach them yourself.

Learning an instrument can strengthen the brain and serve as an outlet for stress. Moreover, kids can become more creative with music and develop more patience.

Building Electronics

Electronics are all around us in modern life, so discovering how they work is exceedingly useful. With an understanding of circuitry and computer coding, a person can pursue a successful career or even produce their own innovations.

You can teach kids how to build electronics with only a few tools and materials. As with music, there’s a vast collection of guides that kids can follow to make exciting electronics projects at home.

Electronic hobby kits also exist that include everything you need to get started. Some kits contain simplified computer boards, such as the Raspberry Pi, that companies have designed for educational purposes.

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Start a Garden

It takes care and effort to raise healthy plants. With this in mind, creating an indoor garden can be educational for your kids, as well as exciting and rewarding.

Plant seeds in pots together, and teach your kids the right procedures to allow those seeds to thrive, including placing them near sunlight and watering them correctly. Along the way, talk to your children about germination and photosynthesis, and show them diagrams to explain the functions of different parts of the plant.

Depending on the types of plants you choose, you could work together to grow beautiful decorative species to set out around the home. Alternatively, your plants can also become delicious ingredients for cooking. Lots of herbs and root vegetables are suitable for indoor settings.

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