What First-Time Car Owners Need To Know

What First-Time Car Owners Need To Know
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    Sometimes car understanding is taken for granted and certain information is assumed to be common knowledge.

    Although unintentional, this mentality of assumed knowledge can be detrimental to first-time car owners who need to know this important information.


Without being taught the vital lessons of everyday car safety and maintenance, it can cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle and put the driver in danger.    

Make Sure Your Brake Pads Are Reliable

Brake pads are essentially used to mitigate the strain of braking for your car. They make sure the inner mechanical elements of your vehicle aren’t damaged while making stops. These pads protect the larger braking system, such as the calipers, discs, and rotors.

  • What Happens When They Wear Down?

    Because they are used to soften the stress, once brake pads deteriorate they can no longer protect the braking system. The longer the braking system goes without protection, the higher the probability your brakes will fail while driving.

  • How To Know They Need Replacing

    If you hear a loud grinding noise when you begin to brake, that’s the telltale sign that they need replacing. Having them inspected every 25,000 miles is recommended.

Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping a clean car can means having a safe environment to drive in. It can be easy to let trash build up in your car if you’re constantly on the move.

Wrappers, cans, and any other assortment of trash can pile up over time and eventually overflow your car’s interior. Keep your car clean for refreshing and satisfying rides where you won’t have to constantly worry about filth.

  • What Can Happen

    On top of the unhealthy and unsanitary conditions this exposes a driver to, it can also present safety hazards. Trash can fall behind the break peddles, preventing you from stopping your car, and certain trash can become fire hazards if not removed.

  • Don’t Neglect the Outside

    While washing your car can be mostly for aesthetics, cleaning does preserve the condition of your vehicle. Waxing has several benefits, among them being protection from scratches and fading paint. 

Check Your Tire Pressure

Over time, the air in your tires will deflate from consistent use. While this leaking is normal, it means your tires will routinely need to be filled up to keep you safe while driving.

  • What Can Cause Low Tire Pressure?

    As mentioned, it’s normal for the tire pressure to decrease with use. There are other factors that can contribute.

    During winter, due to the cold air, air molecules condense and cause your tires to deflate. Also, a puncture in the rubber of your tire or the sealing can be faulty, causing air to slowly leak out at a faster rate.

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  • How To Tell

    What first-time car owners need to know is that their tire’s recommended air pressure is listed on their VIN number on the threshold of the driver’s side door. 

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