Car Part Functions Beginning Drivers Should Know

Car Part Functions Beginning Drivers Should Know
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    We often try to express the importance and responsibility associated with becoming a licensed driver.

    It seems like with each passing generation, the cars get more automatic, and the drivers become less educated on how cars operate.


One day, car-shaped computers will be driving us around, but until then, there are some basic car part functions that beginning drivers should know.

Integral Parts

There are thousands of parts to a car that allow it to operate correctly. Unless you’re a mechanic or an automobile enthusiast, you probably couldn’t name even a fraction of those parts if you tried.

However, there are some main parts that would be useful to know about as a vehicle owner and operator.

  • Engine

    The engine is the heart and soul of the car. Without the engine, the vehicle cannot run. It’s also known as the motor.

    The engine block houses many smaller parts such as a timing chain, crankshaft, spark plugs, cylinder heads, pistons, and valves. They convert energy into mechanical energy in order to give power to the automobile.

  • Driveshaft

    From small cars to large trucks, the driveshaft or drivetrain assists in powering the vehicle into motion.

    This piece of machinery transfers torque and engine rotation into motion when driving. The driveshaft allows for smooth movement of the car while shifting gears.

  • Battery

    The battery works like any other; it provides electricity to the car’s electrical components.

    It supplies the power to the vehicle’s starter, which cranks the engine while also lending electricity to its ignition system. Without the battery, the car won’t be starting.

  • Radiator

    The radiator transfers the heat from the fluid inside to the outside air. This cools the fluid, therefore cooling the engine. It can be used to cool many different fluid types in a vehicle, such as the automatic transmission fluid, refrigerant, motor oil, and power steering fluid.

  • Alternator

    The alternator changes mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is sent to the battery to power the vehicle’s electrical systems. The battery is usually thought of as what powers the car, but it’s really the alternator that supplies the energy while the car is running.

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There are a lot of essential parts to make a car move. Understanding some of them might help a new driver determine when things are going wrong.

At the very least, it may aid them in comprehending the importance of each car part’s function beginning drivers should know and how all the parts work together to move the vehicle.

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