4 Concerns to Bring Up to a Realtor During the Initial Consultation

4 Concerns to Bring Up to a Realtor During the Initial Consultation
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    In the real estate business, an initial consultation helps a prospective agent get to know a bit more about you and your goals.


It’s also a way for you to understand how their company might work and what they can do to address any questions you might have. During this stage, there are a few things you should consider asking the agent as soon as you can.

The Budget

If this is your first time trying to get something done in the housing market, you may not have any idea what kind of budget you’re able to work with here. Even if you have a rough idea, discussing the budget is one of the first things you can talk about with an agent during the initial consultation.

Even if you have an estimate from a qualified lender, it is a good idea to backtrack and figure out all the additional regular payments for other things that you’ll have to make. Doing this step can help you keep a lid on your overall budget.

A Timeline

There are several things that go into acquiring a property, and your real estate agent will be able to put these into perspective for you. Unlike television, you aren’t going to find your ideal home in about half an hour.

However, you can work with the best Realtor in your area to find what works for you as quickly as possible. It isn’t uncommon to spend between four and six months searching for a home, but meetings with attorneys and other agents tend to happen very quickly once you do settle on a property.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

If you’re new to the area, an online search might help you learn more about the neighborhood to which you are moving. However, local agents are part of the community. Most of these professionals have spent years building a rapport with the people who live and work around them.

During an initial meeting, they can give you some insight into the pace and lifestyle that you might expect once you make your move. Ask them about the neighborhood, the crime rates, the schools, the HOA’s, and anything else that you’d want to hear from a local. Odds are, they are one.

Your Essentials

This is the time to let your agent know what kinds of things you expect in a home. It’s important to establish your list of must-haves early. In this way, the Realtor will be able to search for properties that meet your minimum criteria right off the bat. There is every possibility that this list will change as you visit homes, but you’ll start off on the right foot if you have this discussion at your first meeting.

other valuable tips:

Most real estate agents are going to use an initial consultation to get some kind of handle on what your finances and other key aspects of the deal will be. There are a few extras that you need to keep in mind here. In most cases, you’ll go in with pre-approval for a mortgage rate.

This helps you know what you can afford and the kinds of monthly payments you’ll need to make. Be careful about expenses that won’t show up on a credit report. They are still part of your income, and they can have an impact on your ability to afford a home.

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