Most Common Items Stolen From Cars

Most Common Items Stolen From Cars
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    Regardless of your town or city's crime rate, your car is always susceptible to theft.

    Having materials stolen from the inside of your vehicle can call for pricey replacements.


Stolen car parts are even more of an inconvenience to replace and can lead to expensive repairs. These are the most commonly swiped items from unattended vehicles.

Tech Devices

Cellphones, laptops, and tablets are some of the most common items stolen from cars. When you leave these costly digital items in plain sight, it boosts the odds that your car gets jacked. GPS devices are another frequently snatched car item.

Though many tech devices have a disabling and locating option for theft or loss scenarios, they can also erase and reboot. The simplicity of swiping tech devices clean makes them a goldmine for thieves looking to resell them.


Remember to bring any bags with you from your car. They are a popularly swiped item from cars because they are expensive themselves, or thieves assume there are valuables inside.

If you leave your bag in the car, be sure it is out of plain sight. Tuck it under a seat or place it in the glove compartment, if possible, to avoid unnecessary theft.

License Plates

License plates often get stolen to cover stolen cars and hide the driver’s identity. It is important to report your license plate as stolen as soon as you recognize someone has taken it. Police can also trace a license plate number back to you, so it is important to alert them ASAP that someone else is assuming your ID, should the plates appear in any violation of road laws.

Rims and Tires

Durable rims and tires can be costly, making them prime objects to get stripped from your car. Tire and rim removal are both fairly uncomplicated. Automotive insurance companies routinely report wheels among the most stolen vehicle parts.

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is a part of the engine that is composed of valuable metals. You may find it a surprise that it is often stolen, as it is built-in under your vehicle’s bumper. It gets stolen and sold as scrap for its valuable platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Driving without a catalytic converter makes your car no longer legal to drive and it is a huge inconvenience to have it missing. Be sure to get it replaced quickly to avoid failing an emissions test or getting a pricey legal fine.

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Other Items

Unfortunately, those six items are not the only common items stolen from cars. Other vehicle materials that pose the risk of getting nabbed are:

  • Car stereos
  • Garage door openers or house keys
  • Third-row seats
  • Truck tailgates

Fortunately, there are vehicle security measures you can take to boost your car’s protection from theft. Keep valuable objects out of plain sight and always lock your car to deter thieves from taking them from your vehicle.

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