How Much Will the Age of Your New Home Affect Your Maintenance Costs?

How Much Will the Age of Your New Home Affect Your Maintenance Costs?
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    Many people shopping for their new homes prefer to look at newly-built models for style and low maintenance costs.

    However, others like to buy older homes that they claim have more personality and charm.


If you’re weighing your options, it can help to determine just how much maintenance costs can really affect how much you end up paying for your home. As you look at homes, here are some points about cost you’ll want to keep in mind.

Older Home Repairs May Cost More

A house that has been standing for several decades was probably built of some materials that are no longer readily available or in use. Some older parts and supplies can be replaced by newer versions that are perhaps more long-lasting and durable.

However, if you want to use the same older fixtures and parts that came with the original structure, you may have to shop around or request special-made orders to get duplicate matching parts. In addition to the time spent, these may cost more than similar parts being sold today.

Additionally, some older homes have extremely outdated plumbing or electrical systems. Instead of simply replacing a part or two here and there, you’ll have to replace the entire system to prevent potentially hazardous problems. This replacement could be extremely expensive.

Newer Homes May Have Lower Maintenance Costs

Many new homes for sale come with a warranty that covers at least the first year. This means that you likely won’t have to pay for any repairs that need to be done during that time.

Additionally, any repairs that might need to be done after that period will likely be cheaper than they would be in older homes.

Contemporary new homes on the market now are frequently built with cutting-edge materials that repel mold, are less toxic, and hold up against weather elements for a longer period of time

Some fixtures and materials may be cheaper than those used in the past. They might also be more efficient to install, requiring less labor and resulting in lower costs for maintenance and repair or replacement. Compare the cost of maintenance on big ticket items like HVAC and electric in new homes for sale with parallel costs in an older home.

Older Homes May Require More Frequent Maintenance

As one part of a decades-old home wears out and is repaired, another part may give out. This can result in a string of repairs and renovations that can quickly pile up in cost.

If you enjoy working around the house to remodel and update part or all of it, you may not mind the labor and the fees. However, if you are short on time and don’t want to spend more than necessary to keep your home running efficiently, you might find owning a newer home more convenient.

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Repair Versus Remodeling

Keeping your home in good working order is the primary goal for most homeowners. You will want to keep repairs and replacement parts affordable within their budget. However, you might instead be interested in remodeling the whole place.

You can remodel an older home to retain its original style while adding up-to-date utilities and necessities. If you like this kind of remodeling work, you might prefer buying an older place and working on it to make the home exactly the way you want it.

The choice between buying an older home or new home often comes down to finances and time. Because of this, the right home will vary for every homebuyer. Choose a home that will be manageable within your budget and schedule.

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