Tips For Packing Valuables For A Move

Tips For Packing Valuables For A Move
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    When going through a move, one of your primary concerns is the safety of your items.

    Having your things packed properly and transported securely to your new home is much easier said than done.


Naturally, some of your things are more valuable than others. Hence, they will demand more attention during your relocation. Brace yourself! Packing valuables for a move is by no means simple.

Be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort. Before you dive into packing, make sure you know all our tips for packing your prized possessions.

Packing valuables for a relocation

You will have plenty of tasks on your hands while preparing for the move. Moving day will come sooner than you might think, so make sure you start packing on time.

When packing your valuables, be prepared to take your time, because rushing the packing process can easily result in breakage or another sort of damage. To avoid all the unpleasantries during your relocation, follow our advice.

Make an inventory list 

A moving inventory list is a must when prepping for a move. Based on this essential list, you will keep track of your things, and your movers will calculate the cost of your move. When writing the list, create a little section dedicated only to your valuables.

In case something feels off, you will be able to use it to track all your belongings. Especially those that are of a higher emotional or monetary value. So, don’t avoid putting pen to paper, because it can surely make your move easier.

Don’t avoid purchasing moving insurance

Moving insurance might cost you a few extra bucks, but it will relieve you of the unavoidable stress caused by your move. Most of us have some type of home insurance already.

Check with your insurance provider whether their policy covers your valuables during the relocation. In case you don’t have coverage, ask your movers how they can help you.

Most moving companies provide insurance to their customers. Either way, make sure you are covered once the moving day arrives. If there is any mishap during your relocation, you will be financially compensated later on.

Small valuables should travel by your side

Smaller items are prone to getting lost or misplaced when moving. That is why you must pay extra attention to your smaller valuables. For instance, your watches, jewelry, documents, and others should be transported in your car. Don’t leave them with your movers.

Moreover, the stress of the move can make you forgetful or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, in such a state, it is easy to misplace even the most essential things. Once you arrive at your new place, immediately find them a designated spot. This way, you will always know where they are.

During your move, don’t leave your expensive jewels unattended.

Be meticulous when packing larger valuables

Packing valuables like rare paintings, pricey sculptures, and similar items is a huge undertaking. To be sure that they are safe during your move, you must pack them in special packing supplies. Of course, there are specific techniques for packing each valuable item.

For this reason, hiring professional packers and movers is a great idea. Since they have all the necessary packing skills and moving tools, you can sleep soundly knowing your valuables are in good hands.

Don’t forget the valuable items from your closet

With all the hassle surrounding your relocation, it might be easy to overlook the task of packing clothes. Consequently, it can lead to damage during your move — especially sensitive items such as boots, hats, and other accessories.

If not packed properly, your boots can lose their shape, so your move can turn them into unwearable damaged goods. Ensure that all your expensive brands are adequately packed and protected with tissue paper, nylon, and other protective materials. Handling the wardrobe is a must during your move, particularly for those that like to invest their money into their closet instead of their art or jewelry collection.

Label, label, label!

We already mentioned how important it is to pack your beloved things correctly and in high-quality packaging. Still, that might not be enough. Make sure all boxes with breakable items are clearly marked with FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE. The last thing you want is to unpack and discover that your favorite picture has broken into pieces.

Use only the best packing materials

When planning a move, it is acceptable to use old boxes and other reused supplies. Yet, when packing your valuables, you shouldn’t risk it. Buy brand new packing supplies. Or even better, ask your movers to supply them. This way, you will be sure that you have enough packing materials and all boxes are the correct size.

Packing valuables for a move is not always the same

Different valuables should be packed differently. You should pack your jewelry in small containers and transport it in your car. On the other hand, your valuable paintings should be packed in special boxes and transported by your movers.

other valuable tips:

So, as you can guess, every item has its own special needs of how it should be packed. If you decide to move on your own, research extensively the ways to pack your valuables.

Your valuables don’t have to be the most expensive items you own

Packing valuables for a move can surely give you a headache. Certainly, some items are expensive and, therefore, risky for transport. However, some things are just filled with emotional value, which makes them priceless.

The mug that your son made for you on Mother’s Day is more valuable than any other piece of art that you might have in your art collection. Thus, make sure that you don’t forget such sentimental items when preparing for your move. Sometimes, the least pricey items that we have carry the most value.

Valuable Tip

Packing valuables can be done on your own. However, it might be best to step aside and leave such business to the professionals. Professional packers will do a great job of keeping your things in impeccable condition during your move.

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