How to Prepare the Real Estate for Sale and Save Money While Doing It

How to Prepare the Real Estate for Sale and Save Money While Doing It
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    Every homeowner would like to sell their home quickly for a great price.

    However, in reality, one must introduce changes and play their cards smart to gain great profit when selling their real estate.


If you are planning to put your home on the market soon, first go through this checklist to make sure you attract plenty of potential buyers who are willing to pay the amount you want.

Do the repairs

There have to be necessary repairs around your home that you should do before letting potential buyers inside your home.

Start with the large-scale repairs, like fixing the roof and the floor, and then move on to checking whether doors and windows need repairs. Don’t forget plumbing and other fixtures – there could be leaks that could discourage buyers.

Alternatively, you can hire a pre-listing home inspection that will give you a comprehensive review of the state of your home.

Maybe this looks like a huge investment on your part but it will allow you to up the price and to find prospective buyers more easily.

Depersonalize your home

You want to help potential buyers see themselves living in their future home.

So, you can’t have your personal items such as photographs, toys, and family heirlooms spread around the house. What you need to do is to depersonalize the house to make it easier for the potential buyers to visualize themselves and their items inside the house.

Create an impersonalized environment that can easily be filled and decorated with buyers’ items. This also means leaving only understated pieces of furniture that don’t create a strong impression.

Declutter to make space

Decluttering will allow you to remove unnecessary items and to make rooms feel larger and more open.

Decluttering isn’t just a simple shoving your items in the cabinets, closets, or basement. It’s better to tuck away those items in storage bins that you can place under the bed or in the basement. Baskets and cubbies make it look neater and more organized.

Regarding furniture, you need to reevaluate the size of the furniture pieces inside every room. The size of the pieces should match every room – it won’t just make the room look balanced but it will also prevent buyers from bumping into the furniture while looking around. The furniture should not be blocking any doors or windows – it should contribute to the feeling of open space.

Upgrading tricks

Another point where it may seem you have to spend a significant amount of money. However, bear in mind that any of these upgrades will boost the value of your home more than you initially invested.

For example, installing central heating, whether it’s gas or oil, will probably add to the value of your home.

Next, double glazed windows are much more energy-efficient than regular windows in the long run. They also block the outside noise better and are easier to maintain – something that every buyer will appreciate.

Furthermore, appliances in the kitchen can be a huge deal for most buyers. Upgrading the kitchen could mean replacing some of the appliances in total or getting some wholesale appliance supplies parts. A stylish and functional kitchen goes a long way when selling a home.

Refresh with the paint

A fresh layer of paint can make a house feel new. When you apply the right choice of paint in a room, it can make the room bigger and can even highlight the positive architectural features in it, like a trim or crown molding.

The choice of color is very important – it’s best to go with warm neutral colors like grey, beige, gold, and tan. These shades can match anything, which helps the potential buyers visualize their belongings inside the house.

In case you don’t have time to repaint the entire house, just focus on the kitchen, bathroom, and foyer. In case you repainted your home a couple of years ago, then a simple touch up to remove stains on baseboards and walls will suffice.

other valuable tips:

Improve the curb appeal

Buyers can easily refuse to even enter your house if the exterior turns them off. Curb appeal is very important for making a positive impression from the very beginning.

Start with repainting the front door and decorating the porch with a few flower pots. Get a landscaper to decorate the front lawn by a few shrubs and flowers and to take care of the lawn. If you notice cracks on the walkway or the front steps, hire a professional to repair them.

Make sure you water the plants regularly and remove the fallen leaves from the lawn and the walkway – your house should look inviting and neat from the very first look.

Bottom line

It is possible to save money while simultaneously investing in your house you are about to sell. Every investment that you put into your home could return to you doubled – this is why you should not hesitate to introduce fixes and improvements before putting the house on the market.

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