4 Services That Save Money With Company Fleet Management

4 Services That Save Money With Company Fleet Management
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    Maintaining a company fleet, though important, can be an expensive proposition.

    With so many moving parts to a fleet, it can seem as though you're always putting out fires instead of enjoying smooth productivity.


If you want to help your fleet turn a corner toward increased profitability, though, there are multiple services available that can help make your life easier.

Employee and Equipment Scheduling

Ensuring that you have drivers for the vehicles and vehicles for the drivers can be a difficult balancing act. This is especially true if any of your drivers are bound by DOT regulations regarding driver rest.

While you can certainly try to perform employee and equipment scheduling manually, this will become quite time-consuming and could cause you to make major mistakes. With fleet scheduling software in place, though, much of your work will be taken care of automatically, leaving you more time to pursue other tasks.

Roadside Assistance

If there’s one thing that’s true of equipment breakdowns, it’s that they’ll always happen at the worst-possible time. Trying to keep a maintenance person on-staff for these off-hour breakdowns can be quite costly for your company.

That’s why it’s a great idea to utilize a 24-7 fleet roadside service to take care of your company’s fleet. Hiring a service like this ensures that your vehicles and drivers won’t be stranded even as you are able to better manage maintenance costs.

Maintenance Plans

To help prevent problems with your company’s fleet, regular maintenance is an absolute must. If you have a large fleet, though, it can become quite expensive to take the vehicles to local service centers to have them maintained individually.

To help overcome this expense, you can enroll your fleet in a maintenance plan. These plans partner with trusted mechanics to get your entire fleet on a similar maintenance schedule. Since the agreement is for the fleet as a whole, it’s likely to save you a significant amount of money over maintaining your vehicles individually.

Navigation Software

Given the large amount of fuel that your fleet uses, any savings in fuel that can be realized can result in a significant improvement to your company’s bottom line. That’s why utilizing professional navigation software can provide major improvements to your fleet management.

Unlike a standalone GPS or navigation application on a phone, navigation software is able to analyze the routes that each vehicle travels to optimize the routes for fuel-efficiency and safety, thus saving money on both gas and insurance costs.

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When it comes to fleet management, it’s important to remember that every fleet is different. Therefore, what works for one fleet at one company might not work for a similar-sized fleet at a different company. By experimenting with different fleet management services, you’ll put your fleet and your company in a great position to succeed.

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