How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Recent College Graduates

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Recent College Graduates
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    Besides the devastating effects of the virus itself, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our economy, our jobs, and our morale.


Even if you haven’t contracted the virus or know anyone who has, it has likely altered your life for the worse. If you finished college during the pandemic, life is especially stressful for you as you try to find your place in this changing world.

Knowing how the COVID-19 pandemic affects recent college graduates, it may seem overwhelming to imagine entering adulthood anytime soon, but know that you are not alone.

No Jobs

As the pandemic carries on with no end in sight, many companies have stopped hiring. This has created a cutthroat job market for college graduates. Some companies have started hiring again in work-from-home positions, but the jobs may require experience in the field.

Many of these students would have been working an internship during the spring months that the pandemic started, meaning that, through no fault of their own…

…many of them may not have the necessary experience for jobs in their industries. Many businesses that are either struggling or remain closed are still not hiring.

In this case, most college graduates end up needing to find minimum-wage positions for essential businesses or live with family while the dread of loan repayments stacks against them.

Employment agencies are still working hard to place qualified graduates into jobs that motivate them, but the process might not produce the same pre-pandemic results.

College Experience Cut Short

One of the most important parts of college comes at the end of senior year as students get experience in their field or write the essays that will land them the positions they desire.

This experience was impossible to get remotely—and, in most cases, students still had to pay full tuition for it. The pandemic also interrupted the months that many students would have been searching for and applying to graduate schools.

The mental toll of being very suddenly cut-off from all friends and relationships at college is also not something to sneer at. College seniors thought they had a few more months with their friends at college, yet because of COVID-19, that time abruptly vanished.

Fear of Loans

Even without a way to pay them, many 2020 graduates’ student loan repayment plans are likely to start soon. Luckily, when the U.S. government passed the CARES Act in March, they put a plan in place for all college graduates with federal loans. While this benefitted those with federal loans, there are no national protections for students with private loans.

other valuable tips:

Through all the ways the COVID-19 pandemic affects recent college graduates, they remain strong and outspoken on their needs. If you know a recent college graduate, consider the former points before giving them a hard time. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but some individuals are suffering more than others.

Image Credit: recent college graduates by Pixabay

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