4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Modern Marketing

4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Modern Marketing
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    When starting up a new business, an entrepreneur needs to understand the most effective contemporary marketing options.


A generation ago, print mailers and personal phone calls served as the primary means of customer outreach. Today, marketing techniques have evolved to focus more on technological communication in addition to personal service strategies.

From website optimization to smartphones and social media, it is important to become a specialist in modern marketing methods.

Here are 4 things you should learn about modern marketing to keep up in the entrepreneurial world.

Business Website

Your first and foremost focus should be to optimize your business website. Your company website can do many things to attract viewers who may then become customers.

Instead of or in addition to onsite visits, people can view products on your website, read reviews, and place orders as well as contact customer service.

You can offer insights about the company or industry you are in, along with business updates and other topics of interest to attract viewers. Video clips about your business can help to market your enterprise.

Consider sponsoring a contest and announcing discounts or sales events. Be sure to look into SEO optimization tactics to get your company website to appear at the top of search engine results.


While personal phone calls can be made to names on a customer list, many people will not answer if they suspect the call is from a marketing rep. You can leave voicemails, but they are not especially effective unless the customer is interested in the specific product or service.

Other phone options include p2p texting, which is fast and delivers detailed information succinctly in a readable format so that recipients don’t have to scroll through layers to access the message and will be able to view it before deleting.

Video chats are another way to connect with customers using a smartphone, with some people preferring the face-to-face outreach method.

Social Media

Since it’s free, many businesses rely on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their wares. These are great ways to keep your company front and center for those whose attention your posts can attract.

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LinkedIn offers networking opportunities that let the public get to know you and your brand. This career-focused site also helps you connect with other entrepreneurs with whom you can collaborate for marketing purposes.

You can post product demonstrations or how-to videos on Youtube to build a platform and become established as a reliable source in your business sector.

Become a Specialist

With free or low-cost instant publishing online, you can share your expertise with viewers to build credibility and attract customers to your website. Post a weekly blog or write articles for a well-known website to demonstrate your knowledge and competence. You may want to offer a free workshop or seminar at local stores or public schools to interest people in your products.

With so many ways to advertise your business, marketing has never been easier. Take advantage of innovative options like these to introduce your business to the public.

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