4 Scrap Materials You Can Recycle for Cash

4 Scrap Materials You Can Recycle for Cash
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    While most people understand how important recycling is for the environment, there are several financial benefits of recycling as well.


If you already make an effort to recycle, now’s the time to consider exchanging recycled metals for cash. Read on to learn more about the most easily recycled metals as well as how to make money from them.


One high-priced metal that is commonly found in the home is copper. In good condition, copper is one of the highest yielding metals when recycled for cash.

Copper is often used in roofing materials, air conditioners, plumbing pipes, gutters, electrical wires, and the like. As copper is a highly-sought-after metal, you may have a challenging time finding it in bulk.

When it comes to copper recycling, it’s also important to separate your scraps before turning them in for cash at the scrap yard. Experts recommend separating copper by type. For example, copper can be separated into copper wire, copper tubing, roofing copper, and insulated copper.


Aluminum is a silver, whitish metal that is found in everything from soda cans to doors, window frames, siding, and more. While this metal isn’t worth much at the scrapyard, aluminum is easy to recycle.

If you hope to make money off of aluminum, continue collecting this metal in bulk and go to a scrap yard or a reverse vending machine in the area to get quick cash from your aluminum cans. Because aluminum is so easy to recycle, you’re more likely to find a recycling center near you that will accept it.


Another metal to consider in your effort to transform recycled metal into money is brass. This heavy metal is easily found in bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, door handles, and keys.

Made of zinc and copper, brass is also found in plumbing fixtures and copper piping. This metal often yields a bit more money than other metals at the scrapyard, though it can be harder to find a recycling center nearby to take it.


Commonly used in furniture and fixtures around the world, steel is one of the easier metals to recycle for cash. Steel can be found in everything from cabinets and shelving to chairs and cars. However, as this metal is quite common, it isn’t worth a lot of money.

other valuable tips:

Without significant amounts of the metal, you won’t get very much for your steel at a scrapyard.

Recycling metal helps save the earth while putting a little extra cash in your pocket.Keep this information in mind if you hope to monetize your recycling habit. A good tip to remember is that non-ferrous or non-magnetic metals are more valuable for recycling.

With this in mind, even if you don’t make cash off of recycling, it’s much better for the environment and the economy to send recyclable materials to a center to be re-used rather than to your local dump.

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