Make an Impact: Small Ways to Become a More Generous Person

Make an Impact: Small Ways to Become a More Generous Person
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    Each day we live, we make choices. Some are small—what clothes we should wear, what we should have for breakfast, whether we should walk or drive to the store.


Others are bigger—whether we should move to a different city, whether we should accept the job, whether we should get married. But we often forget that small choices can end up with large impacts—a small donation can impact a person’s life, the choice to work at the homeless shelter, the step to switch to a plant-based diet.

All our choices make an impact. If you want to ensure that your choices make a difference, here are some small ways to become a more generous person. Generosity often leads to an impact, whether it’s large or small.

Donate in Various Ways

Probably one of the simplest ways to become more generous is by donating. It doesn’t really require that much from you. It’s one of those small choices we can easily make that will cause a larger impact than we realize.

We have a few different ways you can donate listed below!

  • Donate Money

    The type of donation most people think of, monetary donations make a difference even if you only donate a couple of dollars.

    Starting small with donations is one of the best ways to really grasp the idea of generous living. It’s about giving, even when it seems like you don’t have enough to give.

    Choose organizations you deem worthy, and then donate some money at least once a month!

  • Donate Time

    Donating your time is another awesome way to become more generous and benefit your community.

    You can choose to spend time at your local Boys & Girls Club, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or set up a food drive for your community.

    Delving into the environments you want to support makes a big impact.

  • Donate Items

    One of our favorite ways to donate is by donating items. For example, you could choose to compile some home goods and clothing items and schedule for a Purple Heart pick-up. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a difference without requiring much from you.

Learn How to Bring Generosity into Relationships

Part of becoming a more generous person comes from how you act in your relationships. Whether it’s friendships, familial relationships, or between you and your partner, acting in kindness and compassion is essential.

other valuable tips:

Those two traits are big factors in generous living. The kinder you can be, and the more compassionate you are in different circumstances, then the more your lifestyle will focus on generosity.

Support Your Friends

If you have a friend who’s starting up their own business, or who’s writing blogs, or who’s selling artwork—support them! You may not feel comfortable just yet heading into all the small businesses in town, but you can make a difference in your friend’s endeavors. Sharing their work, sending references, donating your time—it can make a huge impact for them and help you delve into your own generosity.

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