Make a Difference: Ways to Become a More Responsible Citizen

Make a Difference: Ways to Become a More Responsible Citizen
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    Every day we live is an opportunity to make a difference.

    It may not be in a big way like Martin Luther King, Jr., or Neil Armstrong, but even small choices make a difference.


The way we choose to live in happiness and generosity over anger and selfishness affects, not just our individual lives, but the lives of those around us and the planet. Though the coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult to make big waves, there are still ways to become a more responsible citizen.

Start with small steps at home and see what a difference a mood and lifestyle shift can make!

Educate Yourself on the World Around You

Your first step to becoming a more responsible citizen is to educate yourself about the world around you. Responsibility means taking the initiative to learn more about not just what’s going on in your town, but what’s going on in countries around the world.

Our worlds are made up of so much more than just ourselves, and if you can understand that and strive to learn more about that, then you’re on the path to responsible citizenship.

Not to mention, being culturally aware is a great way to broaden your own communication skills and empathy.
This is a great thing to get started on right now!

Protect the Planet

Just because you couldn’t go on any protests walks for Earth Day doesn’t mean you can’t still make a difference. If you want to make a big impact, start small with some simple ways to protect the planet.

Take the time to make your home more sustainable, start composting, and support ethical companies—the options are endless, and they do make a difference. This is one of the most important ways to become a more responsible citizen, so try to make this a priority!

Work on Improving Yourself

Responsible citizens take responsibility for themselves. This means taking responsibility for your actions, activating yourself in the community, following rules and laws, and striving for honesty and trustworthiness.

If there is some way you can improve, work on it. It may seem small, but if you can work on bettering yourself, others around you will benefit as well. There are tons of ways to do so—start small and see what you can enhance and refine. You’ll feel better when you do.

other valuable tips:

Be Compassionate

Most importantly, live each day compassionately. Our humanity, our humility, and our emotions are what tie us together. The more we remember that and act on that, the better.

Be kind to your neighbors, be kind to strangers, and be kind to yourself. It makes more of a difference than you might realize. Goodness spreads—try to be the spark!

Keep in mind, there are so many different ways to become a more responsible citizen. Keep informing yourself on the best ways to protect and care for others around you, and you’ll make smart choices for you, your peers, and the planet.

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