How to Make Home a Better Place to Relax During the Quarantine

How to Make Home a Better Place to Relax During the Quarantine
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    It's a scary world that we are living in today.

    It doesn't even matter where you live because most countries are currently on quarantine due to the dreaded pandemic, COVID-19.


All we can do is to stay healthy, stay updated and obey government protocols, and make the most out of the situation.

One way that we can make the most out of it is by focusing on making our home safe and more comfortable. After all, the best way to stay protected against this deadly virus is to stay indoors during the home quarantine and work remotely.

We might not have control over what’s going on with the world, but we certainly have control over our own home.

Hence, in this article, we are going to share with you some tips on how you can make your home a better place to stay in during these trying times. Here they are:

Clear Your Clutter

One of the best things that you can do to make your home generally more relaxing to stay in is to clear all the clutter.

Not only does it make your home cleaner (with fewer things for harmful microorganisms to thrive on), but it also provides more mental clarity.

In fact, the process of decluttering itself is calming already. Plus, it wouldn’t cost you anything!

Carpets and Rugs

Another way to add an extra soothing and cozy feel to any place is by piling on carpets and rugs. We recommend area rugs for those who want to divide large sections of your home into smaller spaces. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, then layer multiple rugs with different textures and patterns on top of each other.

Make sure that they match the color palette of your home, though. We also recommend choosing patterns and textures that look soft over those that look loud and rough.

Home Accessories

If you really want to switch out the look of your home, for instance, to give it a style refresh, then adding or changing your home accessories is a good way to do that. There are different types of home interior accessories you can use, but there are two elements that we want to focus on.

board gamespuzzles for adults

    some stuck indoor ideas to consider    


The first is lighting. It plays a big role in setting the atmosphere of one’s home. Drowning a room in warm light will give it a more relaxing and comforting, almost sleepy vibe. On the other hand, installing brighter, colder lights will help perk up a space and energize the people in it.

You have different options to add some interest to your space through light fixtures. You can get a statement chandelier piece that provides a modern, sleek upgrade to any room. If you don’t want to install such a big piece, then you can opt to get smaller pieces instead. You can get matching lamps for a more uniform look, or you can mix and match different pieces to show your style know-how.

Wall Art

We understand that getting new light fixtures can be quite difficult during a quarantine period, though. Hence, here’s an easier way to change the look of your home and make it more relaxing: add and replace wall art.

Even changing the arrangement of a gallery wall can already have a profound effect, but if you really want to maximize the relaxing tone that you’re going for, we recommend hanging motivational and inspiring pieces. Even quotes lifted from your favorite books can turn into art through typography.

If you’re going to take the DIY approach, then be sure to take extra care in selecting your frames. It can either make your home look classy or cheap depending on your choice.

frameless portraitsabstract canvas wall art

    some wall decor ideas to consider    

Blankets and Pillows

Aside from carpets and rugs, you can also pile blankets and pillows on your couches, beds, and chairs. This makes the entire more comfortable and relaxing, no matter which room you’re in. Just keep the following things in mind:

  • Textiles can easily absorb odor and grease—definitely something to think about if you’re thinking of adding them to your kitchen.

  • Throw pillows don’t just look good on your couch, but bigger ones will also look comfy piled on the floor, especially at the foot of your bed!

  • Choose comfort over look when it comes to choosing blankets and pillows.


Finally, create vignettes. These are small decorated spaces in your home made up of different home accessories and decor to paint a picture of you and your home. It can be as simple as a stack of books, a lamp, and a vase of flowers.

They are great to put on top of coffee tables and side tables and create a lived-in yet stylish and relaxing effect in any room. We suggest using things that you already have.

other valuable tips (from our home improvement center):

Making your home a more relaxing sanctuary shouldn’t be too hard, even if we’re restricted to the things that we already have at home for now. All it takes is a bit of creativity and patience to curate and put things together, emphasizing on warm colors and textures.

By keeping these quick design tips in mind, we’re sure that you will create the calming atmosphere that your family needs during this quarantine. Stay healthy!

Leila Amber is a Design Trend Setter at Carpet Centre and a passionate writer, home decor and design enthusiast. She has a keen interest in the content that inspires her to dig deeper into the practice and create helpful design and decor guides.

Image credit: home quarantine by Pixabay

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