How Software Can Wave Banking Fees for You

How Software Can Wave Banking Fees for You
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    The top software programs that can assist you concerning fees from banks.

    Today you are going to learn about how software programs can help you with your banking needs.


Sometimes you get an overdraft and you wonder why. You swear up and down that you checked your budget a hundred times or more. However, that pesky overdraft comes in and you get lambasted with a fee.

1) Quicken

This software has been around for quite some time now, but many people still have not heard of it. That ends today, for you will learn some of the basics about Quicken.

You can use the software to keep track of your debt. You can use it to stay on budget. That way you know when you overspend. You could swear up and down that you double-checked everything, but things still slip through the cracks.

That is why this software comes at a great advantage.

You can import and export data, allowing you to perform calculations on-the-go. You could even use it to keep track of your value.

Some people are not aware of their net worth until the look it up. You can avoid all that by using this software.

You will have to pay to use it though. The starting price is around $35. It is compatible if you use Windows, Android, and Mac.

2) Mint

Do you want to keep track of your expenses as it happens? This software is great for that. It is similar to what you get with Quicken.

One added feature is it analyzes your data. Do you want to know where you can cut back on your spending? The software will pull your records and go over the details.

It will send you an itemized account of what you are doing wrong and why. That way you can avoid things like banking fees and overdraft situations.

Say, for example, that you have already set your budget for the month. Mint will explain how much you can spend on everything and why. Mint takes what you get with Quicken and adds a few features that you would not get otherwise.


Do you have some nasty spending habits you want to curve before it is too late? YNAB will help. It helps to improve your financial education and jargon. That way you can stay on budget for real this time.

YNAB can help everyone, from the financial novice to the experienced financial guru. A lot of Wallstreet CEOs use this one. It connects right to your bank, so there is no middle man setup.

Do you have an upcoming camping trip that you still want to take, but cannot afford to overspend due to other expenditures? Use a debt management app. There are several out there and they work simultaneously with any other software program you are using.

Many will let you know if fees are overdue and will help keep you on track with expenses. They will also help to lessen fees when it comes to your current debt. That way you will not get caught with some bank fee you were not expecting.

4) Turbo Tax

This is the one that a lot of people use to file their taxes. You might have used it a few times yourself. Did you know, though, that you can use it for budget software to avoid banking and late fees?

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Turbo Tax will also connect you with financial agents that help keep your budget intact. Turbo tax is also free which really makes it a great platform to use.

5) Tiller

This is great if you like to use spreadsheets. It will help manage everything from credit card use to banking needs and more. It will tell you if you are in danger of getting a bank fee. It will also help you take the steps necessary to avoid it. It will help you avoid the car crash before it starts.


You are going to find something on the list to help, no matter what your banking needs are. Whether you need help to avoid a bank fee, late fee, or something else, you can trust what these software solutions have to offer.

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