Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Out of Your Home
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    No one wants bugs in their house.

    Even if you have a beloved pet tarantula, chances are you won't be so eager to welcome cockroaches or other common residential pests.


Different homes have their own unique risks, including their geographic location and the age of the house. Researching the most common pests in your area can boost your prevention strategy, but these general suggestions will help anyone bug-proof their home.

Patch Up Cracks and Holes

Both hot and cold temperatures can cause windows and doors to warp and crack. You should check the interior and exterior of your house at least twice a year. Fill in any holes, cracks, or other possible entry points with copper mesh or caulk.

Remember that bugs and other pests love to come inside during the winter, so you’ll want to pay especially close attention when the weather starts to drop.

Weatherstripping kits are a good way to seal up any tight spaces around your windows and doors; as a bonus, these kits also prevent heat loss and help you lower your energy bill during the icy season.

Don’t Leave Your Trash Outside

One of the first things you’ll learn from a residential pest control technician is that pests love garbage. Rotting food, pet waste, and even dead leaves are like a gourmet buffet to insects and rodents.

Keep your trash, yard waste, and recycling bins tightly sealed at all times, and avoid leaving any garbage bags out in the open. It can be easier to keep bugs and other pests out than it is to get rid of them after they’ve found their way in.

Take Care of Your Plumbing

Many insects like dark, cold places, and a home with leaky, worn-out pipes are just asking for trouble. Too much water leads to condensation, mold growth, and holes in grout that cause moisture to accumulate within the walls. All of these can draw in pests and pose health risks to you and your family.

Additionally, roaches and rats are known for using pipes as a primary method of transportation. Ensuring that all of yours are tightly sealed and in tip-top shape will help prevent pests from finding their way into them and taking up residence.

other valuable tips:

Manage Humidity Levels

You should strive to keep your home’s indoor humidity level around 40 percent throughout the year. Temperature changes cause the humidity levels in your home to fluctuate, so investing in a quality dual humidifier can help you maintain balance. High humidity levels create moisture in your home, making it more likely to attract spiders, centipedes, silverfish, and other common home pests.

If you have a bug problem, don’t worry about solving it on your own. Most over-the-counter insecticides are toxic to humans and domestic pets, and they only take care of the bugs you can see, not the ones most likely lurking elsewhere. A professional exterminator can track down the source of any home insects to make sure that they’re taken care of for good.

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