Why Is a Business Lawyer Essential to a Company?

Why Is a Business Lawyer Essential to a Company?
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    In the continuous ebb of competition, growth, and expansion, business owners and stakeholders tend to forget that there's more to evaluate than just revenue.


It’s the technicalities, regulations, and laws governing a business’s jurisdiction which are often neglected in the drive to reach new clients and generate more income. While some owners and stakeholders would forego hiring a business lawyer to avoid workforce costs, this would ultimately leave an enterprise vulnerable to corporate law attacks and other mishaps.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how your company can benefit from hiring an attorney and how they impact your operations in terms of legalities.

Develop reliable and trustworthy connections with investors and stakeholders

If your company is still starting out, chances are you’re going to need a lot of investors to help you sustain business operations. Whether it’s through financial resources or other types of investments, your investors need official documents before an agreement is reached.

Having a business lawyer by your side will help you in compiling these documents, and checking them for legality, completeness, and storage.

Access to legal business advice without the burden of an additional employee

People are quick to assume that when you hire a business lawyer, you have to appear in court. Representation is only one of the many functions these lawyers serve.

Since business lawyers specialize in the ins and outs of legal aspects of a company, they can provide counsel and assistance, specifically when dealing with crucial matters such as mergers, contract formation, and taxes, just to name a few.

Inform you and your staff regarding business laws for proper compliance

There are numerous cases wherein business gets foreclosed due to non-compliance. A business lawyer can educate you and your employees regarding the laws that govern your company and your operations. As a result, you and the rest of the company can commit to a workplace that encourages compliance and abides by legalities set in a specific area.

Workplace safety and issues regarding worker compensations and benefits

A business lawyer will help your employees in cases of workplace accidents such as slips and falls. The insurance company might be denying the worker’s claims and a business lawyer can help so that the appropriate claims will be given to an employee. Websites such as https://www.sawayalaw.com/locations/colorado-springs/slip-and-fall-lawyer/ can be referenced for appropriate legal action.

Connect with your business lawyer’s associates for corporate visibility

A seasoned business lawyer possesses a myriad of personal and professional connections. Of course, with loyalty at bay, your business lawyer will invite colleagues, friends, and family to do business with you. With this, you have the chance to increase your sales and at the same time, increase your visibility, which is a viable marketing strategy.

Create smart and legal relationships with business partners

If you own a partnership type of business, you’ll have to specify and articulate the terms of the partnership in a legal context. Your business lawyer can provide assistance for you and your partners in constructing the conditions and legalities so that all parties can benefit from the relationship equitably and sustainably.

Abide by the law

In court, ignorance is not an excuse for not abiding by the law. Tragically, some individual commits unlawful acts without the acknowledgement or the awareness that they are committing the crime. In the corporate world, these unlawful actions are commonly white-collar infractions such as embezzlement, corporate fraud, extortion, and bankruptcy fraud.

A business lawyer will keep you, your partners and your stakeholders compliant to the law so that you can avoid costly litigation and lawsuits that will hamper your company’s operations.

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Represent you in court

If you are on the receiving end of a fraudulent act that is punishable by law, your business lawyer can be the one to represent you so that you can focus on your operations without having to worry about the proceedings.

The assurance of being legally compliant to state laws and regulations are far more than beneficial to your company’s operations than just earning revenue. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be a financial burden to you and your business. After all, if having a lawyer by your side means being safe from the costly implications of not having one, why would you think of it as a business cost?

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