7 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Family Vacation Educational

7 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Family Vacation Educational
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    Vacation time for kids should be fun and relaxing.

    They should finally be able to indulge in fun activities, enroll in hobby classes or just spend time playing fun games with their friends.


This is also perfect to travel with your family and experience something new.

However, most parents worry about their kids forgetting their math and reading skills during the holidays. How would you deal with kids who want to have fun all the time and do not want to spare any time brushing up their multiplication tables or English grammar? They may not be too enthusiastic about having anything to do with studies at least for a while. The struggle is quite real.

Sometimes, you should handle kids with tact and care. If your kids do not want to catch up with their studies in vacation time, so be it. You will just have to be sneaky about inculcating simple lessons into their vacation time.

Though family vacations are meant for the kids to have fun and frolic, you can easily turn them into educational. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Your kids can learn a lot during the family trip you have planned for them.

Here are 7 amazing ideas to make your family Vacation Educational.

1) Plan for a perfect destination –

If you are planning for a family trip that can serve as an educational trip for your kids as well, the destination is the key. Make sure to choose a place that has plenty of kid-friendly places to visit such as parks, museums, aquariums etc. Moreover, you can involve your kids in the planning process as well.

The scratch off map of the world will help them with this. You can also assign them a task to gather some facts about the destination you will be visiting. This will not only let them know more about the destination but also make look forward to the trip.

 2) Nature reserves make for a perfect educational vacation –

Kids are always excited about learning about wildlife. But why restrict learning only to the classrooms? Taking them to a wildlife reserve is the best way to inculcate their science lessons on the trip. Almost all the wildlife reserves and zoos have boards that mention about the animals.

You can tell the kids to make a note of these and ask if they have learned about all these in school. This will not only serve as a revision to them but they will also end up learning new stuff along the way.

3) Games are an important part of any vacation –

Do your kids love playing little games while they are traveling? You can easily make these games educational. If your kids need to work on their spellings, you can easily play spell-a-thon with them on the way. Simply ask them to look outside the window and write what they see. They can even write a paragraph about their surroundings.

You can give them the liberty to make stuff up just to make it more interesting for them. Taking their help in solving the Newsday crossword 911 will give them a sense of accomplishment.

4) Sign up for enrichment programs on the way –

Many resorts and adventure camps offer unforgettable experiences for your kids. You can choose to visit resorts and other camps that offer a learning course of stuff that will interest your kids.

Be it cooking or stargazing, your kids can indulge in activities that they like. They also get to something new along with putting their school lessons into practice. These camps encourage parent participation, so it is a win-win.

5) Trekking holidays are a great way to learn about nature –

Mountain trekking or island trekking is a great way to learn about the flora and fauna. If your kid has been having trouble learning about the names of various plants and animals, trekking can help them learn in a fun way. They will get to learn about plants that are poisonous as well as beneficial for us.

You can also include a lesson about insects and how every animal is important to balance the ecosystem. Bird watching is another thing that will make your kids quite excited. Adventure trekking with camping at the end of the day may turn out to be a lesson your kids will never forget.

6)  Turn your beach holidays into a life lesson –

Kids love beach holidays. The sun, sand and the water makes for a perfect vacation. But why restrict your kids to just jumping in the water and making sandcastles? Let them contribute to saving sea life. Many non-profit organizations operate on major beaches and work towards saving endangered sea creatures.

You can sign your kids up in these programs so that they can contribute their bit towards saving the planet. They will learn about how to preserve sea life and how pollution is destroying their homes. They can also participate in the various beach clean up drives. This will prove to be quite enriching for them.

7)  A trip to the museum need not be boring –

Museums, nowadays are not at all about boring exhibits. Several museums have workshops or moving exhibits that are quite interesting and lifelike. This way, the kids will not only have to look but they will get to experience history. There are many museums with dinosaurs exhibits that kids find interesting. Also, do not forget to sign them up for any workshops conducted on the premises as it will only add to the whole learning experience.

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Any vacation can be fun and educational if you know how to inculcate lessons in every opportunity. Wherever you go, there are one or two things worth learning about. So this summer vacation, try to make your family trip all about learning new things. That way, your kids can begin their new school year with lots of stories and experiences.

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