4 Qualities to Have When Seeking a Law Career

4 Qualities to Have When Seeking a Law Career
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    Carving out a career as a lawyer has always been one that many look at as impressive.

    Everything from all the years spent studying to gaining some first-hand experience on some high-profile cases, and the intense knowledge that can be gained from it results in you being highly regarded within the working world.


As important as the skills are which you learn throughout your education, there is a lot to be said about the softer skills that come with the job. Softer skills cover aspects of your personality and approachability. They can be anything from how you handle a situation and cope with pressure, to your mannerisms and patience.

Here are several personality qualities that are required if you are aspiring to be a successful lawyer:

1. Strong communication skills

Lawyers are faced daily with situations that involve both public speaking and one-to-one speaking. Not to mention the constant communication between various parties and continued written communications.

If you are orally articulate, this will work in your favor. A clear, concise approach to communicating is vital if you are having to argue convincingly when stood up in the courtroom. The same can be said for being able to write clearly, with persuasive tones. Your listening skills must also be excellent.

2. Variety of experience – both in work and life

The more experience you receive in life will give a thorough understanding of all cultures, countries, religions, and laws. By gaining experience across different workplaces – both related to law and not – you gain access to real-life situations that feed into the law.

When working with a variety of businesses, you’ll learn everything that is legally needed and how the law has an impact. For example, whether a person is legally required to have business insurance depends on their business. Tree and garden maintenance workers may require tree trimming insurance in case they come into a disagreement with a nature protection company or council.

There are so many day-to-day activities across businesses which feed into the law, and the more experience you have, the better. 

other valuable tips:

3. Judgement

Although there are ways to sharpen your judgement over time, your natural ability to draw up logical and fair conclusions is essentials. You can’t be an indecisive or unsure person. You must understand how to consider situations critically, identifying your own areas of weakness around a case so you can prepare to be questioned.

In a similar way, you must also be able to look out for weak spots with oppositions when they argue their case.

4. Research skills

Being a naturally strong researcher will lead you in good stead for being a lawyer. Lawyers are expected to research quickly and effectively, understanding every topic and case your clients approach you with. Alongside this, your research needs to reflect legal strategies.

Alongside these listed, you’ll need to be able to think outside the box, not become emotionally attached to a case, and be strong when it comes to numbers. The above are a handful of the softer skills required for a career as a lawyer. Read through them and gain an understanding of the skills they will look for aside of your on-paper qualifications.

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