4 Careers Where You Can Forgo a 4-Year Degree

4 Careers Where You Can Forgo a 4-Year Degree
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    Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend four long years in school to get a high paying job or one that you enjoy.

    There are various jobs out there which only require a high school diploma or a short, two-year associate degree.


Here are four careers you can consider doing without having to pay for a four-year degree.

Commercial Pilot

If you enjoy the view from the sky, then you may want to consider a career as a commercial pilot. With some moderate hands-on training, you can learn how to fly a commercial airliner.

Most pilot positions only require a high school diploma, and you can expect to make around 80,000 dollars per year in this profession.

Private Security

Many businesses employ professionals as private security personnel. Security jobs are plentiful and don’t require any sort of degree. You can find security jobs with security companies who are hired by businesses as well as businesses who hire their own security staff.

Most positions simply require on-site training provided by the employer. The salaries in this field vary from the high 30,000 dollar range up to the 80,000 dollar range depending on the employer

Insurance Claims Adjuster

There are many different types of insurance companies out there. From health insurance to car insurance, there’s always a need for this industry. Every time a claim is filed with an insurance company, there is an adjuster that evaluates the claim for legitimacy. Claims adjuster makes around 70,000 dollars per year, and this career typically only requires a high school diploma or GED.

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Computer Programmer

Talking about fields that are going to last, computers are here to stay for a long time. Most of us rely on them for our daily tasks. A computer programmer is a career that you can enjoy getting into without a four-year degree. In most cases, you can simply enroll in a short learning course where you receive a certificate of completion. There are also two-year associate degrees that can be earned for this field. Computer programmers write code for the programs and applications that consumers use. Programmers typically make in the 80,000 dollar range annually.

Not every good career requires you to invest your time and money into a four-year degree. There are many jobs that you can apply for with only a high school diploma or associate’s degree. The above four are some of the most popular career fields for their growing demand and well-paying salaries.

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