7 Right Ways to Use Custom Labels for Business Purposes

7 Right Ways to Use Custom Labels for Business Purposes
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    As a business owner, you often need to be creative so that you can promote your business effectively.


Apart from business suggestions having a strong online presence, being active your social platforms, and in-person contact, you need more for marketing your trade. Offering gifts with your personalized labels is one of the sure shot ways to be remembered by your existing as well as potential customers.

What are the promotional products?

In simple words, promotional products are the same as the products we generally use in our daily life. One difference is there that they have stickers or labels displaying name and contact details with a brief message of a particular company. Businesses use such products to promote their company.

What are the items included in custom labels?

Custom labels specially designed and made for an organization consists of these six items:

  1. Business’ name
  2. Logo
  3. Address
  4. Contact number
  5. Website address
  6. Email
  7. Slogan or motto of the business

Ways to use labels and stickers for your business promotion:

It totally depends on you and your creativity on how to use custom labelsfor the promotion of your trade. However, there are ways that you apply for making your business a brand. The ways are as follows:

  • 1. Car window decors

    Pasting stickers on your car windows is an excellent way to take business among people. You can do it with your own car or company’s vehicle. Stickers for car glasses are waterproof, and you can stick them on your car window with an adhesive. With this, you will spread your brand name wherever you will go.

  • 2. Use the dress of your employees

    Is there a dress code in your company? If yes, you can use dresses such as t-shirts, caps, hats or aprons for the promotion of your business. Get in touch with custom label designer like iCustomlabel to avail patches or stickers especially designed and made for your business.

    Distribute the patches or stickers among employees and ask them to stick on the attire they use for their workplace. With this, you will get your trade advertised. People will try to have a brief idea about your business when they come across the outputs with a business name instead of a manufacturer.

  • 3. Commercial reception area

    Every organization has a reception area. Guests or potential customers come to the area, leave their messages to the receptionist and wait for getting their appointment with the business owner. In that area, there are glasses/bottles filled with water.

    You can use water labels to stick on the bottles or glasses to advertise your business there. For this, you just need to contact the companies and get permission for labelling your stickers for a certain period. With this, you will promote your business at a lower cost.

  • 4. Trade shows

    In today’s world, every town or city has its own shopping festival or trade show. Be alert and know when a trade show is being organized in your town or city. Consult the organizer and seek permission to use the event for your business promotion. In such a trade show, you can use the floor, walls, counters, and streets for your company advertisement.

    Paste your customized labels all around the premise to give maximum exposure to your brand. With so many stickers, people will be familiar with your brand and get in touch with you in their need.

  • 5. Never miss a social event in your locality

    A large number of people attend social events such as a wedding or birthday party. Using such an event will be a great source for marketing your business with stickers or labels. Meet the organiser and get permission for placing water bottles with your custom stickers.

    Water is an essential drink in any event. While using the bottle for drinking water, people will see a different label and this encourages them to notice what written on. They will know your business. And they can refer your trade to someone looking for products/services you offer.

  • other valuable tips:
  • 6. Equipment

    Whether it is a social or commercial event, it uses the equipment. You can paste your custom labels on all the tools and objects being used in a social or commercial gathering. Stick your personalized stickers on equipment like mike, laptop/desktop, fridges, desks, recycling bins, tables, registers and so on. These items will work as mini advertisers for your business.

  • 7. Packaging

    The packaging of goods leaves a great impact on customers. A good packaging draws the attention and provokes them for purchase, as it interacts directly with consumers. You can use roll labels and stickers as a cost-effective means of your business promotion. Get customized stickers or labels and use them for packaging.

Being an optimist, I hope you would have success in using labels and stickers for promoting your business.

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