4 Traits of a Good Investor Who Comes out Ahead in the Long Run

4 Traits of a Good Investor Who Comes out Ahead in the Long Run
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    The key to investment and making successful financial decisions, is all about knowledge.

    This may seem like a basic answer to what can be an array of very complex questions surrounding the topic of finance.


However, this report will aim to give simple answers to the most prominent questions on your mind about the word most people fear; finance.

1. Investing correctly

As was mentioned in the introduction, the key to making great financial decisions lies in how well informed you are around the topic of making profit. i.e. whether you’re investing in bonds, stocks or even a pension fund, you should be sure that you’ve spent enough time educating yourself properly around the area in which you’ve chosen to invest both your time and money.

2. Staying on the right track with your finances

Remember with investment, just like if you were to invest in for example a property, a car or a computer. Your investments need care and attention. You should know exactly where your money is and what’s
happening to it always.

Just how you’d keep a car that you cared about clean every day, you should be looking at the market and the industry in which you’ve invested and be asking yourself the following: what’s happening that may affect the industry negatively/positively, how can I adapt and take advantage of this potential change and is it smart for me to be invested in this area right now?

3. Making the right investments for you

A lot of people get carried away with looking at how other people invest. Not to imply that this isn’t a clever idea, but you should never copy someone else’s model to the extent where you’re not even thinking about where and when you’re investing.

There are so many factors that can dictate why an investment may be good for someone else but may not be ideal for you. A few of these can be seen in the following: what time zone you live in, how much money you have in the bank to lose on any particular investment or how much time you have to invest in your financial endeavors.

4. Knowing that every decision isn’t going to be the best

Finally, a lot of people get hung up on the idea that every investment has to bring back profit and it would mean the end of the world if one were to go bad.

Of course you should be aiming for every investment to go well, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how much research you do around a topic, an unseen variable that may have been completely out of your control could come along and mess up an investment for you.

Get used to this. Not every investment is going to make you rich. In fact, pretty much none of them will. The only hope you can have is that you obtain more positive than negative investments over a certain time. This is the mindset of a good investor.


Investing isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you have a bit of money set aside and want to see what you can do with it, give investing a go. There’s no better time than the present.

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