What Impact Does a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Have on Home Value?

What Impact Does a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Have on Home Value?
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    Having a swimming pool or a hot tub in a home is every homeowner’s dream.

    This is especially true when it comes to extreme weather conditions.


Public swimming pools or hot tubs have always been many people’s option for the massive benefits of these facilities. But what if the swimming pool is part of your home? Will there be any added value? Or will the value of your property be reduced? Here are some of the impacts you can consider when planning to acquire a swimming pool or hot tub.

Cost Effects

Installing a pool is relatively expensive, but not more than maintaining it. This is probably a result of the regular pumping and heating required. Other things like water chemicals used, or even opening and closing services which might require a professional. Many people avoid having these facilities in their home for this reason. However, these facilities can add to your home value when selling your home.

According to Houselogic.com estimates, a swim spa could boost your home value by as much as 7 percent.  Although, it depends on factors such as location, the condition of the pool, etc. Hot tubs, however, do not have as much cost demands as swimming pools do. There are also portable hot tubs available that are easier to install and maintain, which are cheaper. Installing a swim spa can offer you multiple services at the same time.

Safety Considerations

For a family with young children, a swimming pool might not be a desirable addition to the home. Children are always anxious to swim. However, if they are too young, then you might never be at peace if your child is out of sight for a single second. For such cases, pools and hot tubs are more of a liability than a luxury. However, there are fences for swimming pools and hot tubs which are meant to prevent undesirable scenarios. For families without small children, swimming pools and hot tub have more value.

Health Benefits

Besides the recreational aspect of swimming, most people love swimming for its health benefits. For a family with children, it might be difficult and expensive to take them out for swimming regularly. But, having your own swimming pool or a hot tub at home makes for more convenience.

Swimming builds muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.  It also keeps your heart rate up, helps maintain a healthy weight, relieves stress, etc. These health benefits make a swimming pool a valuable addition for homeowners who wish to maintain physical fitness.

Social Impact

Swimming pools naturally bring families together. Public swimming pools are a major avenue where people meet and interact. However, private swimming pools bring several families together even more.  This is because they are private and each individual has more control over the situation. Also, they create a “staycation,” environment where people travel less and spend more time at home saving time, energy, and money. It gives you a reason to stay at home where you can build on your family time.

Adding a pool or hot tub to your home offers numerous luxury and value-based benefits. They can make your property a more desirable option on the property market. Especially when compared to other homes without these facilities. These tips can help you decide whether or not to install a swimming pool or hot tub on your property.

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