Attention Amazon Affiliates! Uncover Search Intent with Keyword Inspector and Profit

Attention Amazon Affiliates! Uncover Search Intent with Keyword Inspector and Profit
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    If there's one area in SEO that's been beaten to death, it has to be keyword research.

    Everybody knows about it, yet only a few people get it right.


That’s a bit strange, wouldn’t you agree? Why is something that gets that much attention end up being the most difficult thing to do? There are so many tools and tutorials out there that help marketers zero in on keywords connected to their niche. Yet only a few people use the tools and information successfully.

Let’s look at what proper keyword research looks like, and at the end of the article, you’ll learn about a suite of tools that will drive your Amazon affiliate earnings higher.

Keyword Research Drives Traffic

Keyword research is the corner stone of search engine marketing. In fact, if you don’t sleuth for the right keywords for your target market, you might as well forget about making a single dime on your ecommerce website. Why? It is because search engines drive internet traffic. They are like digital navigation systems.

A user enters a search query on Google, Bing, or even Baidu and the search engine returns results to guide the user to whatever he or she was looking for. It’s that simple. So, if you have an ecommerce site selling women’s apparels and you have targeted the right keywords, search engines will direct users to your site every time. If you haven’t targeted the right keywords, no one will find your website because the search engines don’t know your website is related to that keyword.

Proper Keyword Research Uncovers Intent

There’s another aspect to keyword research that might not be obvious, especially if you are taking your first steps as an ecommerce entrepreneur. Keyword research not only makes your website visible to search engines, doing proper keyword research gives you deeper insight of your targeted consumer. 

Why is this so important? Knowing how your customer searches for products on the internet can open new doors for your internet marketing strategy. Consider the following example.

Joe is the owner of a women’s apparel ecommerce website. After trying several keyword research tools, Joe comes across keyword inspector. He likes the suite of tools because it gives him lots of data on which keywords are performing well on Amazon, and Joe can use that data to push his products on his ecommerce site as well as on Amazon.

The suite of tools helps Joe find the keywords customers on Amazon are using to find women’s apparel on Amazon. Armed with that knowledge, Joe can discern his customer’s intent. By looking at how customers are typing in search queries on Amazon, Joe can tell which keywords related to his niche will lead to higher conversions.

The keywords likely to lead to higher conversions are mainly transactional queries, but some informational queries can lead to conversions. An example of a transactional query might be something like “summer yoga pants.”

Armed with that transactional query keyword, Joe can better optimize his Amazon store to include “Summer Yoga Pants” in the title of some of his yoga pants. That way, Joe gets to laser target customers on Amazon looking for yoga pants for summer.

Joe has uncovered his customer’s search intent. The customers are looking for yoga pants for the coming summer period. Joe changes his marketing strategy to target that intent and consequently, profit.

That’s a rather simple example, and it is quite possible that Joe might have to spend a bit of time dissecting keywords to uncover customer intent on Amazon.

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Sam Claymore owns several successful online stores on Amazon as well as an ecommerce site. He attributes his success to valiant keyword research, which he has been able to do using the keyword inspector suite of tools.  

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