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3 Tips for Family Budgeting

According to, a recent survey revealed that 42.4% of Americans have credit card debt. Households that have credit card debt have an average balance that’s just over $15,000.

Estate Planning

Estate Sale: Managing Parents’ Money and Final Expenses

Probate is one of the areas of the law that is complex enough to require its own legal specialty. There are so many things to keep track of and so many ways an untrained person can make enormous mistakes it becomes not only vital but mandatory that the person or persons tasked with the disposition of the estate get professional advice.

Home Financing

What to Consider if You Want to Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage is the one type of loan that most Americans consider “good debt”, sometimes rightfully so. To further help the good nature of mortgage loans, a lot of banks and financial institutions offer refinancing options.


5 Things You Need to Know Before You File Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans find themselves deep in debt with no end in sight. You are way behind on paying your bills, and creditors harass you at all times of the day.

Credit Cards

3 Advantages of Using Credit Cards That You Need to Know

A person may use a credit card almost on a daily basis to make purchases. Despite such a frequent use of the card, there may be some benefits that still surprise him or her.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Apr 03: Finding FREE Check Accounts

Tweet While some bank fees are truly out of this world, other fees are bit more manageable, even reasonable considering costs incurred. But one fee you should try to avoid

Tax Tips

Tax Extension Options: Be Informed

The tax filing deadline is April 15. In case you have not managed to make any progress on your tax return, filing for a tax extension by April 15 would be the only reasonable thing to do. The IRS tax extension grants you the permission to reschedule or postpone tax day for six extra months.