How to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage as a Professional

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage as a Professional
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    LinkedIn is a great social media tool especially for networking. It has helped numerous people to achieve their professional objectives.

    Most Human resource managers looking for new recruitment use LinkedIn as a hunting ground.


Contrary to Facebook, where profiles can be fabricated and are more convenient for personal networking, LinkedIn incites users to provide a highly professional look to their CV and profiles.

This networking tool could be the perfect place to find your next employment. Most of its members use the site to mingle with other professionals in their industry, to search for new work positions and to validate the experience of the job applicants.

How can a Professional Use LinkedIn to their Advantage?

  1. Create an elaborate and precise profile

Your LinkedIn profile is comparable to your work resume, where you give information regarding your education level, work experience, ongoing work position and your profile picture. This is important as it can be used as a branding strategy. You will miss out on job opportunities every day that your LinkedIn profile remains blank ends up.

Revamp your under-performing LinkedIn profile into a strong effective career tool that brings attention to your skills and experiences. If you experience difficulty when updating your profile, you can follow LinkedIn’s profile completion instructions.

  1. Personalize your profile URL

Your LinkedIn profile URL will include random characters by default. However, you can have a personalized profile URL by simply going to Settings>Change public profile>Customize public profile URL. Choose the name that you would like to exhibit on your URL. Your profile URL will then automatically display your name, For example, Furthermore, you can do exactly the same for Google and Facebook.

  1. Have the appropriate profile picture

You can’t have pictures of any suggestive manner on your resume. The same applies to your LinkedIn profile picture. It is advisable to tone it down a bit and thoroughly think about how you want potential clients to view you. Having a profile picture that properly describes your role in your specific industry will be the reasonable choice.

  1. Be alert and attentive in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups offer members a place to share and interact in a professional manner. They encourage networking among members of a specific industry. You may connect with many people especially those who are looking for jobs from all over the globe.

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  1. Customized LinkedIn email requests

You have to send out a couple of emails in order to interact with other professionals. The request is always uniform but it is always an added advantage to personalize the notes. The receiver will at least have an idea of who you might be.


Always keep in mind that you should never try to lie or fabricate your profile. Nowadays it is very easy to verify and confirm everything on the internet. Additionally, it is an indication of how ethical you are. Appearing non-ethical is always a bad sign for business.

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