Seeing the World on a Budget – 3 Priceless Travel Tips

Seeing the World on a Budget – 3 Priceless Travel Tips
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    Traveling the world is one of the most rewarding things one can experience.

    It offers opportunities to gain new perspectives, to have once in a lifetime adventures, and to meet new people.


With a rising cost of living, people have less money for luxuries such as world travel. The reality of today’s financial climate is that most people must travel on a budget.

There are many ways to maximize your savings and get the most out of your travel. These travel tips will help you reduce cost and enjoy your journeys with less financial stress.

1. Be Flexible

The best way to save money when traveling is to maintain flexibility and be open to unconventional ways of saving money. One way to do this is to consider a travel destinations you might not otherwise.

Instead of heading to Cancun, Tokyo, or Paris, consider traveling to Central America, India, or Thailand. You’ll still experience breathtaking views and get to explore new cultures, while keeping your cash in your pocket.

Another reason to be flexible when traveling: the timing of your trip can affect how much you spend. Save money by planning a trip outside of peak travel season for a region.

For example, it is generally considered less expensive to travel to England in February when it is cold, versus traveling in the summer or spring, when most people would be planning a vacation.

You can also save money if you are flexible when making flight arrangements. While it can be inconvenient, taking an indirect flight can be worth the hassle, as this can result in incredible savings.

Research the prices for available flights and compare the cost before deciding to fly directly. This can even lead to more travel opportunity. A well placed layover can add another city to your travel itinerary, all while reducing the amount you spend on getting there.

2. Plan Meals

Be sure to plan your approach to dining ahead of time as a great deal of money can be saved by applying a bit of strategy to your dietary choices. One approach to this is to eat like a local.

This can mean eating street food, which can often be purchased cheaply, or choosing restaurants where locals eat instead of pricey tourist destinations.

Another way to save is to avoid eating out. If the hotel you’re staying at has a microwave or any kitchen access, shop in local supermarkets, and prepare your own food instead of eating out. This can save hundreds of dollars during your trip.

You can also help avoid temptation by packing small snacks in your luggage when you travel. Bring items that travel well, such as nuts, jerky, dried fruits, granola bars, etc. When going out on long excursions and day trips, bring snacks with you, and you will be less tempted to dine out on impulse.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

When planning your trip, take advantage of the many apps and sites available that are designed to help save on travel costs.

Some examples include:, which allows you to save on hotel costs by booking lodging in a local home, and, which allows users to compare flights and find cheap rates.

You can also use apps to save money during your trip. Instead of purchasing a travel guide, there are free guide apps for most large cities. Another great option when traveling is using a free translation app to help understand the local language.

It’s important to travel. It helps open people up to other values, and cultures, and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or are traveling the world for the first time, cost is a consideration to most people when making travel plans.

Don’t let the cost of travel deter you from leaving your home and experiencing the world – use these travel tips to help budget an affordable journey.


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