Four Classic Negative Consequences of Too Much Technology in College

Four Classic Negative Consequences of Too Much Technology in College
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    Technological revolution took our patience away; it made us believe that the life we are now living is changing for the better.


That we can do almost everything we wish through the use of various technological advancements. The way we connect with our friends and families has improved and now we are much closer to them than before. Technology has led us to believe that everything done through electrical equipment is for the better and the future is all bright and rosy.

The use of technology has not only eased our ways of living, but also changed the human generation. The current generation that we have is much smarter, adaptable and quicker than anyone else who came before. This, they say, is the result of such advancement in the technological field and awareness as well early exposure to it. Children as young as one year infants, now use tablets and phones to play games or watch attractive cartoons. However, all this can also become too much for everyone of us. Too much technology is also said to be a disguise in the form of blessing. It can affect us, especially our children in a much more negative way than we can imagine. Our blog is going to talk about four classic negative consequences of using or over-using technology especially with children.

Over Exhaustion and Exasperation

When children indulge themselves in technological use, they start depending on it a lot. For them survival becomes difficult if there are no computers, smart phones or gadgets. This is a serious concern, because then they also limit their activities and life around these gadgets only. The importance of physical play and exercise becomes nominal which can also affect their health. Such exhaustion, or as we call exasperation can result in depression and even unable to learn stuff without the involvement of their favorite technology. This is the reason professors from early school age want children to work and learn the traditional way.

Lack of patience

Technology can do things quickly. Add millions of numbers and tasks on the computer and you will get the results in a millisecond. This deteriorates the growth of patience within every one of us. As we are not used to waiting, we never learn the importance of being patient in from the smallest to the biggest things in our lives. Lack of patience eventually starts to show up in our routine activities like hating to wait in line, resistance to wait in traffic and much more.

Declining Traditional skills

Traditional skills like writing and communication remain unpolished and under-developed among people who rely on the use of technology a lot. Technology can make you an introvert, this can then negatively impact your personality.

No physical activity

As we said earlier technology makes one an introvert and disrupts important physical activity. As we see today, people like to play video games and watch movies much more than taking a stroll in the park or hanging out on the streets.

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