Seven Challenges Veterans Have To Face When They Join College

Seven Challenges Veterans Have To Face When They Join College
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    Veterans serve our country.

    They have been through a lot in their life; they have seen wars and the worst of the times that we cannot even imagine.


When we expect veterans to return to college, we should also keep in mind that these individual will need to be treated differently than other students out there.

These kids have had to mature way early before than the rest, and therefore they can be subjected to a lot of social, physical and emotional pressure. Here are seven challenges that veterans have to face when they resume their college studies:

They Consider Themselves Warriors

Because a warrior has the ability to conquer all, most of the veterans do not feel the need to mingle at social sports or club activities. Even if they do join, they get a bit bossy and consider others weaker than themselves, and ultimately students move away from them.So, the best way to avoid repelling others is by blending with the rest as an average student.

They Feel Isolated

Most of the veterans have been on the battlefield and have seen the loss of their loved ones, friends and even the opposing forces that had to face death at their ends. All of these factors can alter the lives of these young individuals, and they feel isolated as they believe there is no one out there who can connect with them or understand them at a deeper level. By mingling with the others and keeping yourself engaged in different social or extracurricular activities you will be able to prevent the feeling of isolation from plaguing your mind.

They Feel The Need To Return

Many young veterans are unable to focus on the college life as they feel the need to return back to the war zone. They either want to go back because of their friends or because they feel guilty for having survived while others didn’t or they just want to serve the country with more zeal. Remember that you’ve already done your part, and life is the name of moving on.

They Are Mentally Injured

Veterans have seen bloodshed and war. When they join college, they are haunted by the nightmares of the war field and have to go through depression and negativity which most psychologists consider as the post-war trauma. It is advised that these veterans need love and affection so that they can be brought back from the traumas and lead a normal life.

They Feel Older Than Their Classmates

Most of the veterans leave for war after high school and come back after few years. When they return, they are expected to continue from where they left off. They have to meet new students who are younger than them. And, thisage gap among the fellow classmates leads the veteransto feel unaccepted and alone. However, this feeling stays with you for only a short period of time and eventually fades away.

They Have Family Responsibilities

Many veterans leave their families and come back only to find them doing fine without needing them. Once they are back, veterans try to blend in with their family members and expect the lives to go back to how they used to be. However, with time, their families have moved on, and veterans find it hard to adjust to new changes so they take out frustration on their college studies instead.

Feeling Bored About Education

Some veteran students have just gotten so used to their military service that they find the process of sitting in a class boring. For instance, instead of sitting in a class working on their dissertation like other expert dissertation writers, they want to get out and do high activity stuff which gives them the familiar adrenaline rush.
All these challenges can be avoided easily by providing a feeling of belonging and friendly environment to the veterans. The best solution that any college or educational institution can offer to make the lives of veterans at college easier is by introducing programs that cater specifically to the needs of the veterans.

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