5 Health Hazards Every Developer Must Steer Clear Off

5 Health Hazards Every Developer Must Steer Clear Off
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    The world of a designer or a developer revolves around computers. It is what earns them their daily bread and butter.


A blessing in disguise for generations to come, continuous desktop viewing can turn disastrous, eventually. There are several health hazards that come packaged with technology, death-traps that could prove fatal in the long run if not checked and addressed at the get-go. You will inculcate certain habits with time – it’s inevitable – however, it’s wise to have some knowledge about the consequences involved.
So are you slowly killing yourself? Time for a reality check!

Weakening of Eye Muscles

It’s one thing to be called a nerd, it’s quite another to live like one. Geeks and nerds pay a very hefty price for spending days and nights pondering over books and gadgets, under bad lighting. You must have noticed that dim lights are common among the creative.

The main reason behind this atrocity is a study that claimed “darkness improves creativity”. Clearly misinterpreted, darkness does not mean being holed up in dimly lit rooms, painstakingly waiting for the creative juices to flow. It refers to a sense of solitude, which is completely devoid of distractions. Not a zero watt bulb.
Dim lights could induce creativity but let’s be honest; they are catastrophic for your eyes! 

Also, continuous sitting in front of a screen can wreak havoc on the delicate cornea. The intense radiations emanating from a laptop or a tablet can all but destroy your precious eyesight. Here is what you can do to avoid a calamity:

  • If working from home, ensure you have multiple sources of light in your room.
  • Have a minimum of 2 sources of light.
  • Buy a protective film for your laptop or monitor, and ensure you cover your tablet with a non-reflective screen-guard.
  • Wear anti-glare glasses when working on a screen.
  • De-stress your eyes by taking frequent breaks from work. You could wash them 2 – 3 times a day for extra freshness.
  • Use tea bags or cucumber slices once a week to relax the eye muscles and remove all puffiness.

Spinal Cord taking the Hit

Bad posture can be terrible for your wellbeing. It affects people at home and at office. At home you at least have the freedom to move around and adjust your posture if required. In an office you are more or less restricted to your workstation with the lowly chair, sitting on which for hours on end can leave an unwanted ache in several areas.

You could be a graphic designer, database administrator (DBA), java programmer, or an app developer; no one can escape the evils of a back ache. And God forbid that turns into a chronic ailment. Ouch! Let’s get to the solution!

  • Take frequent breaks. Get up from that chair!
  • Do some stretches in office during lunch break.
  • Wiggle those toes from time to time.
  • If your office provides a gym facility – Join it.
  • Go through the guide on “How to sit properly” by WikiHow.
  • Arrange your workstation properly to avoid hunching too much.
  • Finally, invest in a good quality chair and cushions!

The Toxic Beverage

Coffee is every office goer’s lifeline. A busy day starts and ends with this beverage, without which it seems impossible to get through a single chore. However, many people choose to ignore the ill-effects of this aphrodisiac. It is good and bad – a double-edged sword in short. Here is why coffee is super deadly for your health:

  • It raises the homocysteine levels in the body that can cause heart diseases and dementia.
  • It blocks a part of the brain that says “get some sleep!”
  • It constricts the brain too much.

Need a simple solution to this health hazard? Get lots and lots of sleep! It’s the one and only fool-proof cure. Jobs in DBA, interior design, app developing, etc. may not give you sufficient time to sleep, but try, try, try again!

Missing that Meal

Skipping meals is lethal only when it becomes a habit.

And inculcating this habit is common norm with designers and developers. When they enter into the “zone” they will do everything in their power to keep moving forward. It is a brilliant moment when your fingers dance to produce wonderful code or spectacular designs. Because of the adrenalin rush, many tend to forget that lunch ended some 2 hours ago.

Remember to have timely meals on all days for a continuous source of energy. Without it, your blood sugar levels could fluctuate at an abnormal rate leading to the ominous – diabetes.

All that Sedentary lifestyle

With a desk job comes a lot of sitting. As a designer or a developer you will be expected to stay in office till the wee hours of morning. Coding is no piece of cake and neither is designing a template. This takes away precious time for extra-curricular activities like sports or general hobbies.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. With no physical activities making into your daily schedule, it becomes relatively easy to fall prey to bodily sickness. Muscle cramps, sore fingers, spondylitis, etc. are some of the common ailments that plague a desk-worker.

Get out, shake a leg, and make sure you include a little exercise in your routine – even if it’s something as banal as a 30 minute walk. You would think that a career as a database administrator or a graphic designer is highly fancy. It could be, but honestly, it’s no walk in the park for your health. So take care, and enjoy the perks that come with working in a creative field.

Author Bio: Tina Jindal is a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education. She has been involved with renowned publications as well. You can contact her @Gmail | LinkedIn | Google+.


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