Guide To Overcoming Your Overwhelming Monday Blues

Guide To Overcoming Your Overwhelming Monday Blues
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    Do you hate getting up from your bed every Monday morning to get ready for work?

    Do you lack motivation and enthusiasm when a new week starts?

    Does it initiate overpowering feelings of anxiety, tension and sadness in your life?


If the answer is affirmative to all these questions, then you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from this so-called phobia ‘Monday Blues’.

There is a reason behind the term ‘Monday Blues’.

It is pretty evident that after a fun-filled and rested weekend, you will return to your work on Monday tired and a bit down. But, luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to overcome these Monday Blues.

Prepare a List that Why You are Having the Blues

One of the simplest steps to overcome this problem is to prepare a list of problems that why you are having Monday Blues. Ask yourself, "What is wrong?" It is just like any other day of the week. You will be surprised to see that there will be things on the list that you can work on to make the first day of the week much better.

Start Planning for Monday on Friday

Friday is the last working day of the week. After an exhausting week, Friday certainly brings happiness in everyone’s life. Plan your weekend in your imagination. Think about going to the beach with your friends, having dinner with your family, playing video games, watching movies and doing other fun things. These joyful thoughts will make the time go faster.

Now…Use the same strategy to make the first day of the week better and enjoyable as well. Along with planning for a great weekend, make a plan for Monday as well. This will not only reduce the fear you face every Monday, but it will also keep your mind off work during the weekend.

So…What can you do that will make the coming Monday really enjoyable?

Here is one excellent tip for you: Eat your favorite food on Monday. Do you love pizza? Or, do you love Chinese food? Whatever you love the most, have that meal on Monday. This way you will always look forward to this day instead of hating it.

Get Enough Rest And Wake Up Early

No one likes to leave the bed during the weekend. Everyone wants to extract as much bed time as possible. However, sleeping long hours continuously will make you tired no matter how much rest you get and, with a dull weekend, you will obviously destroy your Monday morning. It is necessary to keep everything in balance. So, get enough rest, have enough fun on the weekend and go to bed early Sunday night. Early To bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise is the key to success here.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Give yourself a treat in the morning. Sit down and enjoy your food. It will surely help you start your day in an energetic manner. Drink ample water as well. A good intake of water will avoid dehydration and keep your performance and energy-level in check during the day.

Talk to a Friend

On your way to work you can call and talk to your best buddy. There is a chance that your friend is also suffering from the blues. Keep your conversation brief. Share a joke or a funny incident. This can greatly reduce the overpowering feeling of anxiety, sadness and stress and help you overcome Monday Blues.

Listen to a Motivational Talk

While driving to work, if you listen to a motivational talk, then it will keep you motivated throughout the day. This practice will keep you from getting stressed out and it will take your mind far away from the fear of Monday morning.

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