Beyond Political Science: What Other Degrees Can Lead to a Political Career

Beyond Political Science: What Other Degrees Can Lead to a Political Career
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    At this juncture in the 21st century, a variety of degrees -- undergraduate and graduate - can open the door to a career in politics.


A person shouldn’t only focus on a degree in political science to pursue a career in politics.

Law Degree

A considerable number of elected officials on the federal and state levels, along with staff members, possess law degrees. The reality is that a legal education provides a solid course of education in anticipation of a political career. (In this day and age, law schools accept first year students with a wide spectrum of different types of undergraduate degrees. Long gone are the days when very specific and limited undergraduate degrees were necessary to enter law school.)

Public Policy

Another degree that is ideal for a career in politics is one in public policy. For example, a person interested in pursuing a career in politics can obtain a Master’s of Public Policy online. The degree provides a person with the background necessary to develop and implement meaningful public policy to benefit the electorate at large. In addition, an online program provides a person a cost effective and convenient manner in which to obtain this type of master’s degree as part of a goal to pursue a career in the political arena.

Economics Degree

Another type of degree that is suitable for a person with an interest in a politics is economics. The reality is that a great deal of the focus in the political arena has been, remains and will continue to be on economic issues. Crafting and implementing budgets is a chief task of units of government on all levels. Moreover, the public consistently lists economic issues as primary concerns.

Business Degree

On a related note, many individuals who elect to pursue a career in politics turn towards a business degree. In this regard, there are a number of different types of business degrees that are suitable in the political arena, including business administration and business finance degrees.

Communications Degree

A key to political success is effective communications. This includes communications with colleagues and cohorts as well as the public at large. A notable number of people who end up pursuing political careers seek communications degrees as students.

Marketing and Public Relations

During the campaign to elected Richard Nixon president way back in 1968, a discussion was had that the marketing of a presidential candidate — indeed, all political candidates — is like selling soap. Perhaps this concept is truer today than ever before. A suitable degree for a person interested in a career in politics can enter the profession with a degree in marketing and public relations. This type of degree is suitable particularly for a person who desires to work for an elected official or on political campaigns. In addition, it is a suitable degree for a person who wishes to be a candidate his or her self.

A variety of minds and degrees is important to the political science field. Almost any business, communications, or social science major can be applied to a political career. Choose which best fits your current interests and future goals.


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