8 Sales Tips for Savvy Business Folk

8 Sales Tips for Savvy Business Folk
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    No business can possibly survive apart from robust sales.

    If you aren’t getting new customers, then your business will soon collapse.


Smart ways to sell your products or services.

Winning new business comes through an effective sales strategy that encompasses several important steps. The following tips can help you achieve improved sales this year.

1. Believe in what you do. You can sell something if you believe in it. Only pitch products that you know work and are confident others would buy. If you don’t have a passion for a product your lack of enthusiasm will soon become apparent.

2. Be coherent and concise. Your pitch should be targeted, delivered quickly and simply presented. The easier it is for people to grasp what you’re offering, the more likely they’ll make an informed decision. Do not muddie the waters by dragging out your spiel.

3. Know their needs. What does your client need? Do you even know? Become a student of your clients, observing how they conduct business and what problems they have. Your sales pitch should be tailored as a solution, one that they’ll desire to handle a problem.

4. Demonstrate your enthusiasm. Not only should you believe in your product, but you should be enthusiastic in promoting what you offer. Enthusiasm is contagious — if your customers see that you’re passionate about a product, they’re easier to win over.

5. Always demonstrate credibility. Your customers expect you to know your product, how it works, and what it can do for them. Naturally, you’ll get stumped every once in a while and not be able to answer a question. Instead of faking your response, immediately reach out to someone who can provide that answer.

6. Be direct, never evasive. Expect your customers to ask questions. Be prepared to provide specific, concise answers to satisfy the inquiry. You will lose your customers if your answers are long, unclear or even deceptive.

7. Use humor along with grace. Customers are often on the defensive when receiving a sale pitch. Employ humor to help them relax and to demonstrate your human side. Humor can help you increase your “likeability factor” — an important ingredient in the sales process.

8. Build relationships. Winning new customers is important, but maintaining the customers you have is critical. People need to know that you care about them — follow up each sale to receive customer feedback. If there is a problem, endeavor to resolve it immediately. Anticipate your customer’s needs and get to know how they operate. The personal touch means a lot to people — make those phone calls, send personalizes emails, remember birthdays and other significant milestones.

Sales Considerations

There are other ways you can win over customers too. Become a student of your customers’ buying habits, by anticipating their needs and meeting them accordingly. You might also endeavor to become an industry expert, what can also help you build trust and credibility. Do this through your blog, website, or media appearances on television, radio, and the Internet.

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