7 Home Based Businesses You Can Launch Quickly

7 Home Based Businesses You Can Launch Quickly
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    Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business?

    Perhaps you are working a job you detest and want to venture out on your own.

    Or maybe you are a stay-at-home mother looking for ways to supplement the family income.


No matter your reasons, you can launch a home-based business quickly, bringing in extra income from the very first day.

1. Personal Assistant — It isn’t just rich people that need personal assistants. Anyone that has a busy schedule including a manager, an executive or a business owner may not have the time to handle everything that needs to get done. You can have multiple clients too, people that might want you to set appointments, respond to emails, pick up cleaning, take the car in for service, order airline tickets, you name it. The more skills you have to show for it, the greater the likelihood that you will be contacted and used frequently.

2. Driver — Starting a formal taxi business may prove a costly proposition, but there is little to stop you from providing transportation on an occasional basis. This can take a number of different forms including pickup people up from the airport, taking children to a soccer practice, transporting an elderly person to the doctor’s office, or delivering packages for a company.

3. Social Media Assistant — Many businesses large and small have little time to monitor their social media presence. This can be a mistake, something you can point out by offering your services. Keep tabs on Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Twitter, and Pinterest for your clients, offering to post updates and providing canned responses to their followers. Set up and maintain Facebook pages, track website analytics, and monitor search engine optimization.

4. Photographer — If you are handy with a camera, your expertise can come in useful for kids parties, corporate events, family photo shoots, and other events. Offer to take and crop photos, delivering digital or print copies (or both) upon completion.

5. Party Organizer — Busy two-income households often have little time to organize the events that are important to them and their children. Establish a party organizing business where you meet with parents, identify a venue, obtain an invitation list, organize the party and hold the event. Your fee goes on top of whatever costs are incurred for the venue, cake, prizes, and other items.

6. Translator — If you know two or more languages fluently, then your services as a translator can come in handy. Offer to translate legal documents, make phone calls in your speciality language or field customer inquiries. The less common a language is, the more likely your skills will be in demand.

7. Grant Writer — Take your talent for writing to a level you may not have attempted before: requesting grant money. Grant writers work through the application process to ask foundations, trusts, corporations, and governments for funding assistance, typically for a nonprofit organization. It is a time consuming process, one that few nonprofits without full time staff can handle.

Business Considerations

Keep in mind that some home-based businesses may require licensing with a formal application made to your town. You may also need to set up a business entity and pay taxes, a step that an often be delayed until after your business has launched.

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