How to Help Local Charities with Social Media

How to Help Local Charities with Social Media
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    It may take some time to decide, or plan, if you want to help local charities. After all, not many people can give a lot of their money or time to charities.


By Amy J. Silver

But, how about giving a few minutes every once in a while on the Internet? That certainly changes things, which definitely promotes change with the help of social media.


One of the great things about social media is the ability to spread the word, build support, and allow meaningful interactions. Considering that, it only makes sense for social media to be applied to some of the best causes within (and outside of, of course) the community.

Getting started with social media to support local charities is rather simple. Follow along as we approach some steps to help your local charities out with its work.

1. Follow the Charities.

Taking two of the most popular examples—Facebook and Twitter, your friends and family can see when you are following a certain group. In order to receive updates and show your support for a charity you obviously need to follow them, and these sites allow you to do that easily.

Search for your favorite local charities and add them. If by chance your favorite local charities aren’t listed, send them an e-mail to get with the program. You can also check out charities in the wefollow directory for both individuals and organizations.

Don’t forget that you may want to follow charities via e-mail subscriptions as well; this may or may not be relevant, depending on exactly “how” local the charity it.

2. Repost/Retweet Articles

Find an article that you particularly enjoyed or found inspirational? Post it on your wall or retweet it on your account.

This is a great way to spread the good work that local charities are doing and is especially relevant, as local charities particularly need local support by way of individuals in the community. Sometimes you’ll come across articles in this way, which is the perfect chance to follow a new organization or pay it forward with another link/tweet.

3. Post Your Own Experiences

When it comes to local charities, there isn’t always going to be groundbreaking articles depicting every action that the charity is involved with on a daily basis. After all, many local charities don’t have a dedicated press area or the time to do so.

Regardless, feel free to share your own experiences. Did you just donate a car to Kars4Kids and want everyone else to know about it? Type a few sentences; it could go a long way in helping others find out more about the great organization that supports Joy of Our Youth (J.O.Y.).

So in conclusion…

It cannot be stressed enough to become active. Even if you don’t have much time or money to devote to valuable local charities, you can give worthwhile support, even just from your home, on social media outlets.

Social media resources are very powerful tools. They can be great for bringing your community together.

Take advantage of your local friends and contacts to spread the word regarding the amazing work that is being done in your community.


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