Facebook Trends and Tips for 2011

Facebook Trends and Tips for 2011
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    It may seem as if the entire world is using Facebook, but that would be an exaggeration.


With 6.7 billion global citizens, Facebook has yet to claim ten percent of that number, although if current trends continue it will reach that mark by May 2011. As of January 2011, Facebook has pushed past 600 million users and is by far the largest social media platform in the world.

Goldman Sachs has pegged Facebook’s valuation at $50 billion and says that it took the social media giant just six months to add 100 million new users.[1] It was in July 2010 when Facebook announced its 500 million active user milestone with some analysts speculating that it will hit one billion users in 2013.[2]

Facebook’s influence on the Internet is profound, but its place in shaping global politics may be its most important strength. Along with Twitter, Facebook is helping to spread revolution throughout much of the Middle East as regimes topple, but its actual influence is open to debate.[3] Along with traditional broadcast media, Facebook has provided a place for people to vent and to organize, and allowing the rest of the world to have a peek.

Facebook Tips

Now that you know how Facebook is trending, what sort of tips can improve your experience? Too many to mention here although the following may be of immense benefit to personal or commercial users:

Company Accounts — As a business owner, establishing a basic presence on Facebook is essential. Where you want to go with it will depend largely on your products and Internet skills. Claim your page and offer links to your company’s website. At the very minimum, this move will provide a place for people to find you. If you attract a following, then taking your presence up a notch means dedicating one person to managing your Facebook presence.

Privacy Settings — Facebook was hammered in 2010 over its privacy settings and rightfully so. The Canadian government had previously pressured Facebook to protect the privacy of its citizens and the European Union was doing the same. In the United States, pressure from Congress forced Facebook to make some changes, but changes still must be activated by users. For example, to protect privacy, you must log in your account, click on the account tab in the upper right of the toolbar, and then click on privacy settings.  At this point you’ll need to carefully read your options and choose the privacy level you want. I’m not going to give you a complete break down because Facebook may change things on its end rendering my advice meaningless.

Get Liked — Like it or not, getting “liked” on Facebook is the key to your success.  Ask everyone to like your pages and, if you’re operating a business page, to do the same. This also means that you’ll have to invest regular time updating your site and liking other pages. You don’t need to include full articles, but fresh pictures, links and video can help your cause.

Traffic Generator

Can you do without Facebook? Yes, but with so much of the logged on world already on Facebook, relying on search engines alone to drive traffic to your website is no longer sufficient. Facebook, Twitter and other key social media websites are huge traffic generators, something easily confirmed through your web analytics log. If your percentages are low, then increasing your Facebook visibility will certainly help and tying all of that in with a Facebook ad campaign has the potential to quickly broaden that base.


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