7 “Other” Reasons For Using Twitter

7 “Other” Reasons For Using Twitter


The conversation I had with a fellow social media maven went something like this, “You’re still using Twitter?”  I replied, “Yes, but not for the reasons I was using the site a few months ago. I’ve had my share of Twitter burn out lately and have found other uses for it.”

I began to walk away from my friend, deciding to let him stew in a sea of curiosity. Before I could take my second step he stammered, “What, pray tell, do you mean by that?”

I could have been mean and continued walking, but I decided to stop and share with him some tips about this popular micro-blogging platform. Those tips I’ll share with you here, seven ways I’ve changed my Twitter usage:

1. Name Drop — Sure, we love to tell the world about what we do, but I have found it beneficial to occasionally promote the talents of someone else. Not your regular Follow Friday shout out, but a global shot done on a day other Friday when my “noise” won’t get crowded out by all of the other shouts. Your recipient will certainly appreciate your genuine recognition of their capabilities.

2. Ask Questions — Okay, I haven’t done it all that much, but if you take the time to ask a well thought out question, expect some answers. This move can help you connect with business prospects or at least get the answer to a question you cannot find elsewhere.

3. URL Shorteners — I use URL shorteners all of the time in order to maximize my tweeting. But, I’ve also learned that it helps to mix up which shorteners you use. Bit.ly, Ow.ly, Su.pr and a few others seem to dominate. Why not use some different ones while publicizing a similar message.

4. Break Up — If you want to stoke someone’s curiosity, tweet multiple related messages. I’ve seen people share lengthy stories that way, though your story needs to be interesting with every tweet. Create a following of Twitter faithful who will hang on to your every word!

5. Playfully Tease — I don’t like snippy or mean people, but I do like people with a sense of humor. Well placed humor is memorable and serves as a way for you to get people’s attention while demonstrating to prospective clients that you aren’t a wet rag.

6. Change Template — I usually don’t do all that much with my Twitter templates, but ever since using a car themed template for my automotive account, I’ve noticed a nice increase in followers. If you’re trying to attract like-minded Twitter users, then a theme related template is a must.

7. Cull Followers — I’ve been going through my list of followers and removing inactive or unrelated followers for some time, but when I made it a regular practice (at least once weekly) it gave me a better idea about who I want or really need to follow. Less clutter means more efficiency, the best way to work with Twitter in my opinion.

My friend thought about what I shared and then said, “I guess you’re putting your focus more on other Twitter users than yourself.” I replied, “That’s right and importantly don’t avoid retweeting something that you normally wouldn’t tweet if that move would help them.”

Have you mixed up your Twitter perspective?

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