Windows 7? Secure Your Computer!

Windows 7? Secure Your Computer!


Although the official introduction of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, won’t happen until tomorrow, you can order a new personal computer right now with this important program already installed. That’s good news for the new computer buyer who might have been worried that they would have gotten the dreaded Windows Vista program instead and forced to complete a complicated upgrade later.

New ComputerThe early reports from the experts have universally endorsed Windows 7, noting that it represents a dramatic improvement over Vista while offering an operating system that is stable, secure and packed with plenty of bells and whistles. Though I won’t go into all of the details of the program itself, there are some things you need to know when using your computer for the very first time no matter which Microsoft operating system is installed.

As you unpack the box containing your new computer, you’re probably relishing the fact that you own a new unit. Congratulations! But don’t stop there, because you need to protect your new computer immediately or face the possibility of it being immediately destabilized by a viral attack.

Disable File Sharing – You don’t need to share files with anyone online, therefore disable this feature in Windows 7. Go to your control panel, open folder options, select the view tab, uncheck the use sharing wizard, okay your changes.

Install a Firewall – Finally, Microsoft has developed a firewall worthy of its name for Windows 7. When first installing your computer, Windows will prompt you to create a HomeGroup. Users who are in your group will share one password and have access to the same HomeGroup password. You control who is invited, of course, while giving everyone access to printers, files of your choosing, photos, and more.

Antivirus Software – You probably already have a trial version of some anti-virus software program included with your computer. Whether you do or not, you want to make sure that the program is active and working. Update the definition rules which means you will need to access the internet for that information. But, with a firewall installed and file sharing disabled, you shouldn’t have any problem completing this task. Include a spyware program for good measure and download a permanent anti-viral program before the trial version expires.

Host Files – If you want to surf the internet anonymously and thwart both malware and spyware from wreaking havoc with your computer, then modify your host files to block out offenders by their I.P. Address. In effect, you short cut off their attempts to contact your computer rendering their spying campaign useless.

Windows Updates – Like every Microsoft operating system before it, Windows 7 will need to be patched and updated as needed. You can set these to take place automatically or do them manually. Either way, keep Windows 7 running strong!

As for me, I have a pair of computers that are running on Windows XP. The upgrade to Windows 7 from XP is a bear which means that I’ll be buying a new laptop to replace my aged Dell early next year while making do with XP on the desktop for two more years.

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