New Car Buying Tips For Today’s Buyers

New Car Buying Tips For Today’s Buyers


Consumers shopping for a new car are probably aware that some spectacular buys are awaiting them. This is due mostly to a market that has basically collapsed, forcing car manufacturers to slash prices in a bid to move inventory.  Most manufacturers are posting discounts amounting to thousands of dollars off of the sticker price, deals that won’t be around when manufacturers complete the readjustment of their inventories to account for the reduced demand.

Unsold Goods = Big Buys?

Car DealerSome buyers are hoping that with Chrysler and General Motors slashing dealerships that they’ll be able to purchase a car at a fire sale price from a dealer about to close down their operation. That scenario may or may not happen as both companies don’t want prices to collapse. Instead, each manufacturer could end up buying back unsold inventory or other dealers may step in and purchase unsold inventory.

Regardless of how everything shakes out in the months ahead, you can save money on a new car by keeping some things in mind including:

Buy What You Want, Not What Is Cheap — Both General Motors and Chrysler are offering the biggest discounts in the industry along with government backed warranties. With prices so low you could be tempted to buy something that is cheap, but is it what you really want? Likely, you’ll be keeping your car for many years so only purchase the vehicle you know that you can live with five years or more down the line.

Comparison Shop — One of the problems experienced by GM, Chrysler and Ford is that they have too many dealers in the same geographical area competing with each other. Tight competition lowers profits, but it makes for some good options for consumers seeking a deal. Get quotes from three dealers to see what is available for you; you could save hundreds of dollars if you shop around.

Should You Buy Used? — A late model used car sometimes represents the best value of any car on the dealer lot for the simple reason that these cars often reflect their price depreciation. However, some new models are moving at prices that have been lowered to take in depreciation, making the new car much more enticing than the one or two year old model with 25,000 miles on the odometer.

Dealer Service After The Sale — Once the sale has been finalized, who will service your car? If you are buying your new car from a dealer facing closure, where will you take your car to be serviced later on? Other GM dealers can service your new Pontiac, but if Saab, Saturn and Hummer shut down, will you be left with an orphaned model?

Consider What Your Dealer Is Going Through

Inasmuch as you stand to end up with an excellent deal, if your dealership is slated to close, don’t insult them by offering a ridiculously low price on a new car. Employees may be facing the prospect of losing their jobs or being transferred to another dealership many miles from their homes. You want to get a great deal, but you need to consider that for some salespeople they’re about to lose their jobs.

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  1. Jordan
    Jordan 16 June, 2009, 13:22

    You simply have to be able say ‘no, thanks at that price’ at least once to the dealer. This gives them a strong message that you are serious about your research.

    You should also bring a piece of paper to the dealership and make sure you do all the math of the finance calculations yourself. The point is not that they will do the math wrong. The point is you will see exactly how the deal is structured. Do not be afraid to take the time to do this or look like a fool for mapping out your car deal in the dealership.

    My dad swears by this process,

  2. Matthew C. Keegan
    Matthew C. Keegan Author 16 June, 2009, 13:26

    Good tips, Jordan. I prefer to arrange my financing separately and go into the dealership armed with invoice prices and what the dealer paid for the car. Then, I extract my lowest possible price which will save me hundreds if not thousands of dollars off of the sticker price.

  3. Laura
    Laura 26 June, 2009, 20:26

    The best advice that on how how to buy a car in today’s market is at They break down the pricing structure and how the car dealer’s really make their money.

  4. Clint White
    Clint White 16 August, 2010, 08:55

    When you go to buy a car keeping in mind the brand you love, the car dealer will show you some different brand and will try to pitch a sale for that brand. But you should always stick to your decision and keep your mind cool while buying a car.

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