Why Christmas Shop Today When You Can Shop Tomorrow?

Why Christmas Shop Today When You Can Shop Tomorrow?

Helpful tips for last minute shoppers a/k/a Santas Proscrastinators.

Helpful tips for last minute shoppers a/k/a Santa's Procrastinators.

Finish Your Shopping In Style & On Time

No, I haven’t put off my Christmas shopping until the last minute. Well, not all of it.

I have to admit that I prefer to shop early, but I also like to shop late. In years past when I had a lot of presents to purchase, I’d start my shopping early in December and get wrapped up (pun intended) about a week or so before Christmas.

Admittedly, there were times I didn’t finish up until Christmas Eve plus there was that one year where I didn’t buy my last gift until Christmas Day. You see, I was mad at my brother and didn’t get him a gift, but he bought something for me. So, I stopped off at the only store open in town — the pharmacy — and overpaid on a roll of film. I’m not sure how I explained that to him!

Anyway, I’m sure that some of you reading this article haven’t finished up your Christmas shopping though today is December 22nd. A few of you haven’t even started which could represent something you’re famous for: procrastination.

6 Tips To Help You Finish Your Christmas Shopping

Whatever the reasons (or excuses) for waiting, please allow me to offer some tips on how you can get your shopping done before the mall closes at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve:

Get Gift Cards — You know that you have no clue what Uncle Bob or your youngest sister wants for Christmas, but you know where they like to shop or at least have an idea what their hobbies are. In that case, visit a store they’re certain to frequent and buy a gift card for them. The gift card sleeve is free and you can write a nice little note on the back of it!

Food Is Fine — One thing that everyone of your gift recipients does is to eat — some people eat a lot more than others! Cousin Johnny is a prime example, but you’re not about to wrap up a USDA Prime Ribeye and deliver it to him. Instead, give a gift certificate to his favorite food haunt; some restaurants, including Outback Steakhouse and Ruth’s Chris Steak House are offering bonus cards with your purchase — yum!

Buy A Subscription — Older people love to read offline publications and many would be pleased to receive a subscription for their favorite magazine or newspaper. Go out and buy the current issue of that magazine, wrap it up, and place a gift card (which you can print out online) inside to show them what they have to look forward to reading over the coming year.

Shop Online: NOW — If you hurry and I mean REALLY hurry, there are a few online merchants who can get a Christmas order completed and shipped today. You may have to pay for overnight shipping or, if they time it right, you can do two-day shipping and save money. If you want it there badly enough some merchants will do everything in their power to make certain that happens.

Hit The Stores — While most malls close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, there are some stores which will stay open later. Yes, Walgreens and a handful of other merchants are open on Christmas Day, but why wait until then? Unless, of course, you’ve been snowed in the past few days and have no choice in the matter!

Donate In Their Name — For the person who has everything or is particularly mindful of the needs of others, why not make a donation to the charity of their choice? Aunt Mary has taken in mistreated cats for many years, why not make a donation to a pet rescue organization in her honor? Most have their own website with a handy donation button right on site. Print out your receipt and give it to her or buy a card and tell her that a donation was made on her behalf.

For some people, last minute Christmas shopping is all about the thrill of having to find gifts as time runs out. They like the hustle and bustle and they don’t mind the crowds. A rare breed for certain but just the kind of shopper you probably know — perhaps that person is you?

Merry Christmas and happy last minute shopping!


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