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Home Financing

Surprise: Consumers Voice Satisfaction With Home Equity Line of Credit/Loan Origination

Tweet J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing information services company says that despite an economy affected by a stagnant housing market, decreasing home values and upheaval among lenders, overall

Home Financing Money Management

Pre-approved Beats Pre-qualified Every Time!

Tweet If you are looking to buy a home there are three different ways that you can show the seller you are ready to buy. Unfortunately, two of those are

Home Improvement Home Selling

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Tweet Homeowners who are preparing to put their houses on the market are understandably nervous these days. Will a buyer be found? Will they be approved for a mortgage? This

Home Tips

Is Your Home A Magnet For Burglars?

Tweet Our neighborhood crime watch association got together earlier this week to discuss the rise in criminal activity taking place in an adjoining subdivision. Though we haven’t been hit with

Achieving Success

A Success Building BLOG

Tweet BLOG postings: (link to Achieving Success BLOG for all posts and PDF downloads) Discipline to Success: The Education Attribute Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as

Home Improvement

5 Steps To Successful Home Improvement

Tweet If you are planning a home improvement project, congratulations for taking on what can make for exciting changes to your home. You’ll come away from the project with an

Home Tips

7 Ways To Reduce Home Electricity Consumption

Tweet You Can Gain Control Over Your Electrical Bill Consumers are reeling from the sudden shoot up in fuel prices at the pump, paying $4 or more per gallon for

Consumer Financing Credit Reports

TransUnion Agrees To Offer Free Credit Scores

Tweet TransUnion, who along with Experian and Equifax comprise the three major credit reporting agencies, has agreed to a legal settlement whereby the company must provide free credit-report monitoring to

Consumer Financing Credit Cards

You Can Opt-Out Of Pesky Sales Pitches

Tweet I average about three junk mail sales pitches per day and at least one call daily from telemarketers. This, despite having opted out of various telemarketing and bulk mail

Property Taxes

Is Your Homeowners’ Insurance Sufficient?

Tweet How good is your homeowners’ insurance policy? Has it been updated since you first took it out? Does it reflect the big surge in home prices over the past