A Success Building BLOG (Part VII.B)

A Success Building BLOG (Part VII.B)


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Discipline to Success:

The Physical Attribute

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Benjamin Franklin

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Last Week: we presented auguments why developing your physical attribute is the first place to start when building discipline. We continue our discussion below.

Developing and Strengthening the Physical Attribute

We can segment the physical attribute into four areas. You will select a development program from one of these areas. We will briefly discuss each area separately. Again, you might want to research library sources that offer extensive programs to improve each of the physical areas discussed in this chapter. There are a number of physical fitness books that can help you develop a fitness program in each of the following areas:

Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is an important piece of any physical development program. Exercising thirty minutes each day can dramatically change your energy levels and increase your capacity to achieve. Physical exercise includes walking, jogging, cycling, playing sport, exercising, aerobics, swimming, skating . . . aerobic, anaerobic, isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, calisthenics . . . practically anything that requires movement of arms, legs and head. The objective of your exercise program is to strengthen your heart and improve oxygen delivery to your muscles. Please refer to physical fitness books on different exercise programs that best achieve your physical development program.

Finding the time to exercise regularly will become your biggest obstacle. This requires the internal energy discussed earlier that forces you to awake 60 minutes earlier each morning, if necessary. As with any goal development, you will need to plan and schedule the time to exercise. Note that if you haven’t seriously exercised in a long time, I recommend that you develop a physical program under professional supervision or refer to literary sources on physical exercise.

Inner physical strength:

Many of us lack inner physical strength. We often feel tired and worn out or perhaps lack the initiative to accomplish daily tasks and goals. We may feel personally weak or physically depressed.
There are several reasons why we lack inner physical strength and energy. These reasons include not getting enough sleep, failing to exercise regularly and consuming an improper diet. You can easily correct these problems by improving your physical attribute as explained in this chapter. However, lack of physical strength and energy may be the result of emotional problems. You may lack self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

The whole concept of character development is to increase self-confidence, discipline and self-worth. But if you lack the inner strength to develop your character, nothing I say in this book will help you overcome feelings of worthlessness. I suggest you overcome these feelings by first accomplishing something simple that requires some physical action and discipline.

For example, set a physical development goal that is easily achievable, like awaking at a scheduled hour each morning and stretching for 15 minutes. Try to accomplish nothing else but this simple task each morning for two consecutive weeks. These simple, repetitive accomplishments will increase your self-assurance and confidence.

Evaluate your inner strength at the end of the two weeks. Do you feel a little better inside after completing this program? Are you a little more confident than you were two weeks ago? Next, design a more active physical program for the next two weeks such as aerobic exercise or walking 1-2 miles each day. Discipline yourself to perform this physical program at a scheduled hour each day.

The point of this discussion is that you can build inner strength by performing simple, disciplined exercises. It may take some time before you notice a difference. But with each passing week, you should feel a little more confident, have a little more energy, and feel a little more self-assured in your capacity to perform. Increase your intensity after each week. Try to perform a physical feat that increases physical strength and endurance.

The Physical Diet:

Never in recorded history has a civilization offered more varieties of foods and conveniences than in our present time. Take a walk down a major supermarket’s breakfast aisle, for example. You will find a variety of packaged cereal products ranging from plain grain flakes to raspberry-flavored crunchies shaped like dinosaurs. The convenience and varieties have eased our lives considerably. Unfortunately, these same foods can be high in fat, cholesterol, sugars and by-products that weaken your physical development.

An important part of your physical development includes a healthy diet. As recommended by the The U.S. Government’s Food Guide Pyramid, your diet should include moderate servings of grain and pasta, amble servings of fruits and vegetables, smaller servings of meats and dairy products, and little or no servings of fats and sweets.

You might want to review your eating habits for irregularities and excessive eating. Do you snack often throughout the day? Do you eat large portions during a meal? Are your meals taken at varying times from day to day? Poor eating habits can weaken your physical character and place you at risk of being overweight and less confident.

If you are guilty of poor eating habits and diet, you might want to strengthen your physical attribute by changing and improving your diet. There are a number of dietary books that can assist you. Also your family physician can help you design a nutritious and healthy program.

Physical Appearance:

Take five minutes and stand in front of a full-length mirror. What don’t you like about your physical appearance? Do you need to lose or gain some weight? Do you need to build up some sagging muscles? Perhaps your hair could be combed differently. Or maybe you could straighten your crooked teeth.

Take an inventory of the things you would like to change. Write them down as part of your physical development goals. Some changes may require outside help, like orthodontic services to straighten or whiten your smile. Improving your physical appearance can increase self-confidence and help you feel good about yourself.

Next Week: we will develop a step-by-step plan of action to strengthen your physical attribute.

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