A Success Building BLOG (part II.e)

A Success Building BLOG (part II.e)


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Last time: we look at forces of motivation and how motivation can be used to help our progress to for success. The following is our concluding remarks for this part series.

How to Become . . . Say . . .

The President of the United States

Part II: Concluding Remarks

Nothing we discussed in this BLOG is earth-shattering. Success comes from hope, motivation, and lots of hard work (and perhaps a little luck in some cases). But where analysts on behavioral studies will differ is the approach you should use to achieve success. Some analysts might argue that some forms of the “unknown phenomenon” are the secrets of success. They will have you turn to astrology, the mapping of the stars, crystals and other phenomena. I emphasize caution. Like the traveling medicine peddlers in the 19th century, advocates of the strange phenomena seek to entangle you in the unknown mysteries for profit.

There is no secret, psychological antidote for success. It’s true that luck can propel many people to success. But luck can also be planned and worked for by placing yourself in the right place at the right time. Most accomplishments in life, including those we consider lucky accomplishments, develop from the following layout:

First: You need an objective. What are you seeking to accomplish?

Second: You need to tap the energetic forces of hope and motivation. Hope prompts you to act — it is the force that gets your engine going. Motivation prompts you to continue your action — it is the force the keeps your engine going.

Third: You will need to analyze and design a plan of benchmarks and goals that will achieve your objective.

Fourth: You need to develop the physical and mental disciplines to execute the plan.

Fifth: You execute the plan.

We can summarize these concepts by using three ingredients — planning . . . discipline . . . execution.

When Dave Mansfield stepped on the road to the White House, he began a million-mile journey with little strategic thinking. First, he began his journey without a plan. He figured that the passing of time alone would educate him on where he should go and what he should pursue. Second, Dave lacked the discipline to carry out the tasks required to make the journey. He had too many character flaws that frustrated his attempts. And third, Dave didn’t know how to execute his plan. He haphazardly executed many different plans without much reward and success. Consistent failures took away his hope. Lack of success stole his motivation. Dave Mansfield was bound to fail.

The road to success leads with three directional signs: planning, discipline, and execution (PDE). PDE will help you achieve the goals and objectives you seek for yourself and your family.

End of chapter exercise . . .

Take a few minutes where you can be alone to complete Appendix Form-A illustrated below. Use this form to define your life objective.

You begin by listing up to four personal talents that set you apart from everyone else. These may include musical, creative, analytical or physical talents. List these talents in the spaces provided.

Move to Step 2 and define your life objective. The objective may be a career-oriented objective, a status-oriented objective, or a physical achievement objective. It’s your decision. Try to identify a life objective that uses your talents. Don’t analyze how you will achieve the objective at this time, this will come later.


You can print this diagram by clicking here: Form A: Objective Planning

You are now ready to begin your journey. We will demonstrate how in the next BLOG entry.

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