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There are all types of consumer financing. There are home purchase loans, mortgage refi, auto loans, student loans, credit cards and more. Before you apply, get educated.

Home loans include purchase mortgages, home refi and home equity lending. These loans are secured by the value of the your home asset

Auto loans for new and used vehicles. Student loans have both federal and private loans. Debt relief helps to reduce monthly debt payments.

The most common form of financing is credit cards. Learn how to use them wisely without going into debt.


About Money

Life insurance is considered as one significant source of personal financing. It’s a way to protect families in later years.

Career Planning

Information architecture is one major section of the web designing series and you can be a part of it after you are through with your UX designing courses. Being before one information architect on your own, it is better to learn about this field first.

Top 3 Education Jobs

Top 3 Education Jobs

  August 17, 2018


Consumer Financing Issues

With so many financial products and options, your proper judgment may easily become clouded especially if you have limited information

Perhaps most of us usually think that buying a home is always that easy. Well, I also think it should be but then it’s just unfortunate that this is usually not the case.

Many people may choose to stick with a particular investment for its attracting benefits. However, due to competition amongst lenders, personal loans are effortless to obtain.

This awesome cheat sheet will make the process of searching and finding the best scholarships significantly easier.

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Consumer Financing Needs

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What's Need to Qualify for Financing
Lenders use several criteria to qualify an applicant for home or financing financing. The most important criteria include:
1) the home/or auto appraisal:
the appraisal is the value of the asset (home or auto) that is being financed. You can borrow up to the appraised value of the home or auto.
Get your home valuation report
2) your credit rating:
your credit report is used by banks and other lending institutions to determine your credit worthiness. The report can be a factor in a lending institution's decision to approve or decline your application. You should review your credit report for any errors before applying for a loan.
View your credit report
Get your FICO score
3) your capacity to repay (income ratios):
lenders analyze two ratios when qualifying the applicant for financing - the "housing ratio" and the "debt-to-income" ratio. If these ratios are too high, you may not qualify for financing.
Calculate your income and debt ratios
Calculate how much you can afford
4) your employment:
lenders like to see applicants in good, steady employment. Lenders will verify your income with your employer or your filed tax statements.
Look for new employment if necessary

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Managing Your Credit

Credit is a six-letter word with immense financial implications. In a nutshell, credit is the ability to borrow.

Taking Care of Debt

Poor financial planning exposes many businesses to the risk of running out of cash for expenditure. Filing for bankruptcy can be the best decision to make when an individual or a business is facing serious financial problems.


The Game of Life

Attaining financial freedom is a personal decision that an individual has to make. It looks hard to achieve but it is actually easy.

Attaining financial freedom is a personal decision that an individual has to make. It looks hard to achieve but it is actually easy.

After an auto accident, drivers usually only think of the repair costs when their car is damaged. Unfortunately, they find out there are potentially several other costs that are easily forgotten and hidden.

Many people miss out on the opportunity, because they do not believe that they can continue to financially support themselves


About Home

For you to have the peace of mind, it’s better that you get a home protection plan that will help cover all the items in your new home.

Fortunately, there are several tips that can be followed that could help you to save money when you are trying

Nowadays, a house becomes yours after you rock it with the upcoming yard and remodeling projects, not after you sign that deed.

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Life-Event Centers

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Helping You Make Life Decisions
For Education (open new win)
College Planning Center
College Campus BLOG
College Financial Aid

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Helping You Make Life Decisions
For Education (open new win)
Home Remodeling / Home Improvement
Home Construction / Building
Home Buying
Home Selling

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Helping You Make Life Decisions
For the Auto-Travel-Business (open new win)
Auto Buying
Making Travel
Buying a Business

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Consumer Tips

To all the passionate people who look forward to generating income from “other sources,” here are some of the best instructions for investing using your mobile phone.

Business Services

The choice you make of practitioner determines just how well you can achieve the outcomes that the company desires. It