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This is especially true for people who need to save money the most. Quick fixes like selling stuff online doesn’t

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If you think it’s enough to set up a profile on LinkedIn, fill it with some information and call it


Consumer Financing Issues

Should older students max out financial aid? Or pay as much as possible out of pocket? For students returning to

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Consumer Financing Needs

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Current Lending Rates
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What's Need to Qualify for Financing
Lenders use several criteria to qualify an applicant for home or financing financing. The most important criteria include:
1) the home/or auto appraisal:
the appraisal is the value of the asset (home or auto) that is being financed. You can borrow up to the appraised value of the home or auto.
Get your home valuation report
2) your credit rating:
your credit report is used by banks and other lending institutions to determine your credit worthiness. The report can be a factor in a lending institution's decision to approve or decline your application. You should review your credit report for any errors before applying for a loan.
View your credit report
Get your FICO score
3) your capacity to repay (income ratios):
lenders analyze two ratios when qualifying the applicant for financing - the "housing ratio" and the "debt-to-income" ratio. If these ratios are too high, you may not qualify for financing.
Calculate your income and debt ratios
Calculate how much you can afford
4) your employment:
lenders like to see applicants in good, steady employment. Lenders will verify your income with your employer or your filed tax statements.
Look for new employment if necessary

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Managing Your Credit

A poor credit rating is usually caused by a failure to repay your debts on time; however, it can also

Taking Care of Debt

The recent creation of debt consolidation programs has really helped consumers to manage, reduce and eliminate their debts. The following


The Game of Life

It is unfortunately common for people to feel scammed or duped by the car buying process in many ways, and

Many people miss out on the opportunity, because they do not believe that they can continue to financially support themselves

Here is how social media is helping the finance industry. Connecting with audience Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and


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Money saving with real estate could sound like a dichotomy. Developing or owning real estate is money intensive and demands

Below are four tips to help make selling your house go more smoothly. Price Matters Pricing matters to both you

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It is therefore essential to act quickly to recover from a crash. For this reason, we are providing the five

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This can be both easier to deal with, and harder. You need to stand out from your business competition and



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